Power Outage Action Plan For Industrial Facilities: Follow These Expert Steps

Sep 26, 2023

Do your workers know what to do in the event of a power loss? Statistics suggest that it could happen to you more often than you think. Read this Electrical Power and Control guide to learn how to limit the damage.

Nothing is more likely to put your workers into a state of panic than losing power and having no idea what to do next. Power outages could strike at any time for practically any reason.

Make sure your workforce is prepared. 

Your production line facility needs to follow strict protocols in the event that power is suddenly lost. Electrical Power and Control cites research that claims a quarter of companies will be hit by power outages monthly on average. Can you afford to chance it? The less prepared your employees are for periods of power loss, the longer your downtime could be.

Click https://electricalpowerandcontrol.com/what-to-do-in-the-event-of-power-loss/ now.

Electrical Power and Control encourages readiness for potential power outages, which is why it has released a new guide for your benefit. As electrical and maintenance professionals, its team has had firsthand experience helping businesses just like yours, and they know the negative impact of power failure.

Power outages can come in many forms, whether it’s adverse weather conditions, faulty equipment, or simple human mistakes. Due to the significant potential for disruption and lost revenue brought by power outages, it’s essential that you plan appropriately. That’s where Electrical Power and Control comes in.

Outlining clear, actionable steps that can be followed by your workforce can help to mitigate any damage caused by power loss. Read this guide for examples of such procedures. 

This resource suggests that you: 

  • Arrange regular lighting inspections.
  • Prepare emergency kits for your workers.
  • Install backup power generators.
  • Ensure ongoing access to radio communication lines. 

Following such measures, alongside other tips specifically mentioned in the guide, can keep your site workers safe and informed while helping them maintain a controlled working environment. 

As written in the guide: “When a factory or other industrial facility has a power outage, it can cause undue financial loss and stress for employees. If there is no preparation, time, money, and even equipment could be at risk. No one can control when an unplanned power outage occurs, so it’s best to stay prepared.”

Trust Electrical Power and Control when it comes to preparatory assistance for local Alabama facilities. Its team is available to provide your team with guidance in creating contingency plans. They’ll even assess your existing on-site equipment for potential indicators of impending power failure - just ask.

No power? No problem. By planning accordingly, your team will be ready to leap into action no matter WATT.

You can learn more by clicking https://electricalpowerandcontrol.com/what-to-do-in-the-event-of-power-loss/ to access the full guide.

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