Power Optimization Expert: Grocery Stores Can Save Money With HVAC Energy Audit

Aug 21, 2023

Is your grocery store’s sky-high power bill cratering your bottom line? Onsite Utility Services Capital (+1-262-248-0926) offers an in-depth energy audit of HVAC and refrigeration systems.

If your store’s electric bill is the stuff of nightmares, don’t worry - Onsite Utility Services Capital can audit your HVAC and refrigeration system to identify the root problem.

With this service, you can optimize your power consumption and positively impact your bottom lines. This audit evaluates how your HVAC and refrigeration performs, including its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) capacity and performance.

Learn more by visiting https://onsiteutilityservices.com/

CEO and Founder Fritz Kreiss says that energy efficiency has become more crucial given the rising costs of doing business today. This is especially true of grocers, which need to cool or heat expansive retail spaces visited by hundreds of buyers each day.

Indeed, industry experts estimate that your HVAC and refrigeration system accounts for up to 60% of your grocery store’s power bill. This is due to the fact that your store has large refrigerated sections, which require a lot of energy to keep cold and help keep meat and produce fresh.

Onsite Utility Services Capital conducts energy audits so you can address inefficiencies that could be costing your business money. The expert analyzes your energy bills and readings to determine if your grocery store is overpaying for electricity.

Moreover, the consultancy will inspect your building itself to look for air leaks, insulation problems, and outdated equipment that use too much power. A written report will be given containing both findings and recommended actions moving forward.

Should you decide to implement the recommendations, Onsite Utility Services Capital offers a turnkey solution called Energy Savings as a Service or ESaaS. The company will foot all upfront costs to make your store’s premises more energy efficient. Onsite also maintains the equipment throughout the service term.

After enhancements are completed, you simply pay a monthly fee that is benchmarked to be less than energy and maintenance savings. As such, you can lower your power bills from the beginning, without having to finance an extensive retrofit of your grocery store.

Kreiss says: “As one of the pioneers of ESaaS, our team has over 30 years of expertise in helping businesses optimize their power usage. Our goal is to deliver a solution that works without overburdening your budget. We believe that our energy audit is a great way to see our approach with no risk on your part.”


The company solves energy challenges for companies, facilities, and institutions across North America. Its goal is to create a positive economic and environmental change for clients — the ultimate win-win scenario.

Want to save thousands of dollars a year? Have your HVAC system audited by Onsite Utility Services Capital!

You may visit https://onsiteutilityservices.com/ to book a no-obligation consultation with the company.

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