Pour-Over Coffee How-To Guide From Experts Explains Modern Brewing Method

Nov 17, 2023

A new guide from custom bean roaster Coffee Lover reveals how to make pour-over coffee like the pros! The pour-over method is relatively modern, maximizes flavor, lends itself to customization, and is quick to brew and to clean up afterwards.

The struggle is real for coffee connoisseurs. The quick cup of coffee is convenient, but, well, it's quick for a reason. But is a better cup of coffee worth waiting in line?

You're not the only one who's conflicted. Recent coffee insider discussion has centered around balancing convenience and customization. Modern society expects everything on-demand, but when it comes to coffee, brew that's instant or sitting around waiting usually sacrifices quality.

Still, the bottom line often hangs in the balance. Data shows that up to 97 percent of customers have backed out of a purchase because it was inconvenient, according to the journalists at Coffee Intelligence. Similarly, 9 out of 10 consumers self-report that they often choose specific retailers or brands simply out of convenience. .

A lesser-known brewing method finds a way to split this difference. It's used to save time in many coffee shops, and it's easy to perfect at home, with a helpful how-to guide from custom bean roaster Coffee Lover.

To read the full guide, visit https://coffeelovr.com/how-to-make-the-best-pour-over-coffee

The pour-over coffee method is a hand-brewing technique that allows you to choose whichever specialized flavor you prefer, Coffee Lover explains. It also gives you the option to brew an individual cup of decaf when the rest of the crowd requests regular coffee. In fact, many coffee shops use this method when they need to serve a single cup quicker than they can brew a full pot.

This customized method utilizes a specialized holder, the guide explains, designed to rest atop your coffee cup, mug, or carafe. You need to slowly pour nearly-boiling water over the holder, which contains a filter full of ground coffee. This water brews the coffee, which drips into the container waiting below.

The flavor is less bitter using the pour-over method, the guide says, since the grounds are removed right after brewing. The brewing process is more controlled, so it creates a rich, complex flavor profile. The method was actually created by a female German entrepreneur who sought better coffee flavor than early 1900s technology provided.

Pour-over coffee makes for extremely easy clean-up, according to the guide. If you use a disposable filter, you simply tip it into the trash and rinse the holder with water. That's it.

Regardless of the brewing method, the best flavor comes from coffee made with filtered water and freshly ground beans, according to the guide.

Experts in all things related to java, Coffee Lover roasts its custom bean orders within 24 hours of shipping. The company uses clean, sustainably sourced beans from Brazil, Columbia, and Vietnam to make its roasts.

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