Post-operative Home Care For Pets Through Web-Based Individualized Programs

Nov 14, 2023

GoGo Charlie is an online physical therapy home program for pets that veterinarians and small animal rehabilitation practices can subscribe to.

GoGo Charlie is an online physical therapy home program for pets that veterinarians and small animal rehabilitation practices can subscribe to. Along with hundreds of educational videos and written instructions these providers can supply to their patients, they also gain access to all of GoGo Charlie's programs, templates, resources, and research. With a rich library of over seven hundred and fifty homecare videos, sixteen categories, and more than one hundred prepopulated templates that are fully customizable, GoGo Charlie provides simple client education that is efficient, adaptable, and available in five different languages.

GoGo Charlie’s software also uses tracking tools and analytics so that the provider can get data, information, and progress reports on their patient's progress, pain levels, and program, making it easy to adjust and change each pet’s individual program and healing process. This shows that this company is perfect for any clinic to add to their resources to improve patient outcomes and make their job easier and more efficient. With videos they can send their clients home with on massages, stretches, exercises, how to put on braces and supports, and range of motion, this subscription is well worth it.

GoGo Charlie has a program for every pet for almost every condition from internal medicine to amputations to sports medicine to post-operative care and rehabilitation.

GoGo Charlie’s prepopulated and customizable templates are perfect for improving pets' post-operative care. Post-operative cases such as knee surgery can be stressful and draining on both the pet and the owner, but GoGo Charlie has an easy and simple way to improve and better any pet's recovery after surgery. This company provides repopulated templates for all phases of recovery on a wide variety of small animals and pets. These templates are organized based on where the injury is located, making them easy to find and use.

GoGo Charlie also uses diagnosis-specific templates so when the vet opens the template page, they will have access to neurology, geriatrics, orthopedics, sports conditioning, and more. This means there is a customizable, unique template for any pet at any stage. The video-based home program starts at discharge and shows how to do massages, range of motion, and how to ice and heat. By week two, the program and template start to introduce simple weight-bearing exercises that can be done by any pet, even those with no training. By week eight, bones will begin to heal and exercises start to get a little harder, which will strengthen the muscles of the affected area. Pets that are returning to sports activities like agility or flyball will also have activity-specific templates that will aid their pets in returning to the sport they love quickly. Go Go Charlie’s at-home pet physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are perfect for clinics and providers to help improve patients' and pets’ post-operative care, recovery, and more.

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