Portland OR Naturopathic Physician Announces Intravenous Ozone Therapy In The City

Oct 4, 2018

Portland OR naturopath Dr. David Palacios announced that his practice offers autohemotherapy ozone treatments in the city. The Portland ozone therapy center’s treatment is focused on pain relief and blood disinfection administered by a board-certified naturopathic physician. The practice also offers prolozone and neural therapies.

Portland, OR naturopath Dr. David Palacios and his office announced the availability of ozone IV therapy in the city. The treatment covers multiple illnesses and focuses on a holistic and natural approach to improving the condition of patients suffering from more than a hundred diseases.

More information about Dr. David Palacios is available at https://www.drdavidpdx.com

According to a clinical review published in the Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine, ozone treatment has been used in treating a wide range of medical conditions including wounds, infections, inflammation, and in recent times, neuropathic pain.

A medical hypothesis by a member of the Institute of General Physiology and Nutritional Sciences indicates that the ozonization of a patient’s blood may activate the immune system against bacterial and viral diseases.

The Portland ozone therapy center offers autohemotherapy ozone treatments. The treatment involves drawing a patient’s blood, ozonization, and the intravenous return of ozonized blood to the patient. Dr. Palacios states the benefits of the process include improved immune response, increased oxygen utilization, and the stimulation of regenerative cells. Other therapies at the practice include prolozone and neural therapies.

According to a spokesperson for Dr. David Palacios, “We are happy to announce our ozone IV therapy as a first-line therapy for chronic and acute pain as well as for a wide range of bacterial and viral conditions. We believe that activating the body’s natural defense mechanism and enabling patients to enjoy freedom from pharmaceutical intervention where possible, is key to improving their quality of life.”

Dr. David Palacios is a board-certified naturopathic physician specializing in therapies for chronic pain. The Portland primary care naturopath is an alumnus of The National College of Natural Medicine and possesses extensive experience with general primary care, pain resolution, hormone balance, pediatrics, and multiple natural therapies. More information is available over the phone at 503-334-2312 and at the URL above.

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