Portable Microcurrent Therapy Device For Pain Management With Automated Modes

Sep 21, 2023

MEND Technology’s innovative FSM therapy devices bring the latest energy medicine methods for treating chronic pain to your clinic. Watch the patients roll in with the hottest pain treatment in town!

Treating chronic pain can be frustrating for both you and the patient when you can't find the right tools to alleviate the discomfort. If you can relate to this, you'll be pleased to hear about MEND Technology's cutting-edge therapy device equipped with Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) technology. This advanced device is particularly designed for practitioners but also comes with preprogrammed protocols to be a user-friendly wellness tool for everyone seeking relief from chronic pain.

Chronic pain is a pervasive issue affecting many individuals' daily lives but MEND Technology addresses this challenge by offering a non-invasive and targeted approach to pain management that utilizes FSM. If you want your clinic to provide the latest and most efficient treatments for handling chronic pain, go to https://mendtechnology.com/ to learn more and order your unit today!

Frequency Specific, an authority in energy medicine, states that FSM is a low-risk solution for patients with chronic pain. Numerous practitioners have found the treatment highly effective, and clinics that adopt this method often experience increased patient referrals. Moreover, Frequency Specific highlights that research indicates microcurrent therapy can boost cellular energy production by an impressive 500%. 

Simply put, everyone wants a piece of this cell-regenerative cake!

The microcurrent therapy device provided by MEND Technology is a programmable wellness tool designed to administer FSM treatments. It allows practitioners to tailor the frequencies and treatment protocols to each patient's specific needs, making it a flexible instrument for addressing various forms of pain and discomfort. The professional-grade FSM device can store up to 999 protocols and can be operated manually or automated. It also permits adjustments to parameters such as waveform, intensity, polarity, and duration during run-time. And if you're seeking a more beginner-friendly option, MEND Technology offers their Wellness Unit, capable of loading 99 protocols.

MEND Technology is dedicated to research and development, creating products that foster wellness, reduce inflammation, reverse aging, and promote healing from trauma. As a solution-oriented company in the bio-resonance technology sector, MEND Technology also offers software tailored to various needs and levels of use. Their website features training videos and tutorials and features a webshop stocked with all the essential supplies for conducting FSM treatments, such as PEMF devices, conductive materials, and electrodes.

For more information about MEND Technology and their innovative devices, visit their website at https://mendtechnology.com/

Explore the world of energy medicine with MEND Technology and discover how their advanced solutions can empower you to enhance your patients' well-being and kick chronic pain to the curb!

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