Port Washington WI Holistic, Non-Toxic Dental Services For The Whole Family!

Jun 3, 2024

If you’re seeking a dentist who takes a more rounded approach to care, Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington (262-235-4525) offers a range of holistic, non-toxic dental services for your whole family.

Going to the dentist was always a chore - but you're also worried about some of the toxic materials that could be used! If you prefer a more eco-conscious, holistic approach, check out the family dental services from Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington.

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Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington incorporates traditional state-of-the-art dentistry alongside highly effective, less invasive treatment options that are based on your whole body health and well-being. They provide their patients with personalized wellness plans based on their unique needs. 

Focus On Your Whole Being

Research in the Journal of Contemporary Clinical Dentistry shows that a holistic approach to dental care can support patient well-being by considering the patient’s entire organism alongside oral health. At Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington, the experienced team focuses on offering best-in-class dentistry, using minimally invasive techniques and metal-free materials that prioritize conserving tooth structure.

“Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington can serve all of your general dentistry needs and keep your mouth looking and feeling healthy,” says a spokesperson for the practice. “In addition to our regular cleaning and x-rays, we also provide cancer screenings and head/neck exams, as part of our holistic approach.”

Family-Oriented Care

Led by Dr. Jana Ledic, the dental team offers general and restorative dentistry, zirconia dental implants, removable prosthetics, pediatric care, and more.

As part of their holistic approach, Dr. Jana and her staff help treat periodontal disease with non-surgical gum therapy and perform special tests to evaluate related oral pathology. They also emphasize early orthodontic intervention, focusing on proper tongue placement, breathing, and orofacial habits in a way that can reduce the need for long, costly orthodontic treatment later on. 

Safe, High-Quality Materials

Patients routinely give positive reviews for the holistic dental practice. “Dr. Jana is truly the best,” says Joan N. “I grew up in a dental family - she exceeds all my expectations. She uses safe, quality materials, not only providing perfection with every service but also expecting the same from her team. I am so thankful for her!”

Don't risk exposure to heavy metals or other toxins. Visit Holistic Dentistry of Port Washington for your dental health needs!

Learn more and book an appointment at https://www.holisticdentistrywi.com

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