Polvere per capelli volumizzante made by Da’Dude is now available

Apr 1, 2021

Polvere volumizzante capelli uomo by Da’Dude launched in Italy and Da’Dude have released three interesting facts for fans to look forward too.

Volumizzante capelli uomo by Da'Dude is launching in Italy on the popular platform Amazon. Excitement is starting to build among die-hard fans within the beauty world as the release date of Da'Power Powder gets close. Da'Dude have released three exciting teasers about what to expect from the release.

The first thing that customers can expect is a big improvement in the precise and even distribution of the cera in polvere per capelli uomo. Da'Dude have achieved this with the SPX Power Pump-Action-Dispenser. One thing that I love about Da'Dude is the customer service, they really place a lot of value on the customer service side of things. They have a tradition in hair and customer care for over 55 years. They have combined this tradition and knowledge into their product line.

The philosophy from Da'Dude is simple. "We are all beautiful. It is our birthright. We help you choose the hairstyle that matches you. This way, when you look in a mirror you can easily see you are a beautiful living miracle. Seeing your own beauty allows you to connect with yourself at a deeper level. To focus on the beauty that is all around you. Self-confidence is gorgeous and looks good on you. It makes anybody shine. It helps you make better choices. See the good in anything. Unlock your full potential, and improve your line of action in this world." This is on their website https://younghair.net/

To celebrate the launch in Italy Da'Dude are offering a 20% discount to customers that buy direct on their website during April. Da'Dude believe this will aid in spreading the word about their polvere volumizzante capelli uomo.

Finally, for fans within the industry, Da'Dude have let out a little snippet about what went into making their polvere per capelli uomo. It took them 6 months from start to finish to produce the product, from the initial idea to the final product. Their is only one ingredient in this volumizzante capelli uomo which is Silica Silylate. This should provide total satisfaction to Beauty connoisseurs.

If you don't know what hair powder is, here is a brief introduction to what a hair powder is and how it works. Hair Powder, also known as texturizing or volumizing powders add lots of lightweight volume and texture. They contain rough particles to create texture by increasing friction between hair strands. Hair powder also has a dry shampoo effect so it also gets rid of greasy hair. It's best to apply hair powder to dry hair but it's also possible to use on damp hair. Hair powder is a generally new hair product but is getting ever more popular. There are many more brands starting to release hair powder and some of them are releasing very good pump sprays to save on waste of the hair powder.

Gary Young, CEO at Younghair AB Ltd also wanted to add "We are very happy to release our polvere volumizzante capelli uomo in Italy and believe it will be a great success here. We spent a lot of timing designing the SPX Power Pump-Action-Dispenser to make sure customers get the best from the product. "

And for more information about the product itself, more information can be found at. https://younghair.net/pages/hair-powder-for-volume-men-instant-texturising-hairstyling-powder-that-creates-volume-with-a-matte-finish

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