Point-Of-Sale Terminals & Credit Card Processing For Nashville Restaurants

Apr 16, 2024

Tired of a slow response from your credit card processing company? Talk to AGMS about its advanced POS systems and stellar service. (615-425-6572)

Looking for a new solution to payment processing for your restaurant? Want flexibility and security in equal measure with expert support just a phone call away?

For the ultimate software, hardware, and credit card processing solutions for small businesses in the hospitality and food service industries, you can trust AGMS! More details at https://agms.com/

CRM Integration

Choose advanced POS terminals and hardware from leading brands such as PAX, Dejavoo, Clover, and SwipeSimple. AGMS offers your small businesses industry-focused solutions with easy integration with both CRM systems and even social media.

Swift Setup

You'll benefit from swift setup and installations as well as NFC and PCI-compliant security, all delivered with rapid processing times for more efficient operations and reduced paperwork. From restaurants and coffee shops to bars and breweries, AGMS can help design a POS provision that meets the needs of your business.

Centralized Reporting

You can enjoy centralized reporting for food sales, ingredients, staffing, and more, helping you stay ahead of increasing demand and ensuring that diners are given the best experience. You'll also appreciate the company's transparent pricing system with no hidden fees that can imbalance the books down the line.

Talk To Pete!

Pete Sorgich is AGMS' Executive Account Manager who is always on hand to help you identify the ideal products and solutions for your establishment. Why not schedule a call with Pete to discuss their requirements?

Countertop Or Mobile

AGMS offers countertop and mobile debit and credit card terminals that integrate with specially chosen financial services software. Payment solutions can also be implemented for e-commerce, mobile, and social media platforms, allowing you to monetize every aspect of your business.

Secure Payment Gateways

Security is covered with flexible solutions that provide quick and seamless fund transfers, SSL encryption, tokenization, and fraud protection. APIs are customizable and developer-friendly. AGMS' payment gateway can authorize payments in-person, online, via mobile platforms, and remotely – all from a single platform. Get paid the easy way!


The company's POS services also allow you to scale your operations easily with software and hardware that can accommodate a growing clientele. Support is always available with human advisors on hand to resolve any issues you may have and offer guidance.

A spokesperson says, “Our solutions are expertly designed to help propel small and medium-sized businesses to new heights with all the tools needed to process payments and manage sales, inventory, CRM data, and more, all safely and securely.”

For the very best in POS, say yes to AGMS!

For more info, go to https://agms.com/

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