Play To Earn Crypto Rewards With Sports Trivia Fan Gaming Duels On Superone

Jan 18, 2023

Imagine playing a trivia quiz against your favorite sports star, or fans from your rival team. With Superone, that’s exactly what you get – except you’re also competing for cash prizes!

Play To Earn Crypto Rewards With Sports Trivia Fan Gaming Duels On Superone

That's right, using just your smartphone you can earn money and crypto by competing in the biggest sports trivia gaming experience in history! Sign up today to discover all the benefits, and get involved in the next big sporting event!

Smart Gamers Club is the leading affiliate for Superone, and explains that the new gaming app was available during the World Cup in Qatar. Fusing sports entertainment and trivia gaming, it connects fans on a global scale as part of the trivia metaverse.

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If you like the sound of play-to-earn gaming and sports quizzes, download the Superone app today! The games offer unique social interaction opportunities and mental exercise at home or while traveling.

Superone provides innovative gaming that rewards you for playing against opposition fans and your favorite celebrities across four different gaming types. The first is the Fan Arena, with options also including the Quick Plays, the Battle Royale, and the Brawls.

During the game, you get three lives, three passes, and three freezes that you can use during the quiz tournament. This allows for a variety of tactical decisions during the game, with questions locked into 10-second answer windows.

When you provide three incorrect guesses, you are eliminated from contention. At the end of the 10-minute game, a lone fan will be determined the winner, and the prizes are offered to the top 20% of players who participated. The first prize is 10% of the total pool, with rewards dropping to 5% for the second, and 2.5% for the third, while the remaining winners get 150% of their entry fee.

Smart Gamers Club is a marketing group advertising the Superone trivia gaming app. It offers additional guidance on how to leverage add-on layers to the gaming experience and offers regular updates and strategies on its social media profiles. The group also posts regular content related to the gaming experience on YouTube, where you can learn more about the platform.

A spokesperson for Superone states: “This is the ultimate trivia game to prove yourself as the number one fan. Fight for fame, fortune, and friendships. Will you be the last fan standing? Compete against fans around the world for cash prizes.”

Make sure you don't miss out on the next big thing in the fan arena and metaverse gaming space!

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