Plano Home Window Replacement: Get Bay & Casement Insulated Low-E Glass

Nov 27, 2023

If you want to start seeing the world more clearly, you need to get new windows from Lewisville, TX home renovation company Lone Wolf Exteriors (855-200-9653)!

If eyes are the window to the soul, what are windows the window to? If anyone knows the answer, it's got to be Lone Wolf Exteriors in Lewisville, TX!

The home improvement expert offers over ten different window replacement options, including double-hung, sliding, casement, and awning. They also provide several different design options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your windows.

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Why Should I Replace My Windows?

According to the Department of Energy, old, damaged, and faulty windows are responsible for roughly 25% to 30% of all residential energy loss. Moreover, homes with substandard windows, on average, are worth 5% less than what they would be with new windows. With its window replacement options, Lone Wolf Exteriors is providing you with stylish and cost-effective solutions to these problems.

OK, Tell Me About The Windows

Lone Wolf Exteriors' range includes a selection of windows fit for homes of all styles. “Whether you’re looking for bay, bow, picture, or garden windows, you can rest assured we have what you need,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “Even if your project calls for windows with unique shapes like circles or triangles, we can customize them to meet your needs.”

Because windows are 80% glass, Lone Wolf Exteriors opts for Mezzo Windows’ ultra-efficient ClimaTech® insulated glass for all of its window replacements. This low-E glass is made with argon gas and features an Intercept Warm-Edge Spacer System to reduce heat loss.

To make your windows stand out, you can add different design options, such as patterns, grids, glass cuts, and dividers. Lone Wolf Exteriors also has a variety of frame and trim choices designed to fortify your windows and help protect them from the elements.

“Getting new windows from Lone Wolf Exteriors was one of the best investments my wife and I have ever made,” said a satisfied customer. “They replaced about a dozen windows for us and all of them look fantastic. The glass, in particular, is crystal clear, yet thick and insulated enough to prevent outside noise from intruding into our living quarters. We’re very impressed.”

But How Do I Know If My Windows Need Replacing?

The simple way to tell if you need new windows is to figure out when your home was built and when the windows were installed. Generally, most windows are effective for anywhere from 15 to 30 years before they start to degrade and deteriorate, so if your windows are outside of that span, you should consider replacing them.

Additionally, you can inspect them yourself to check for any cracks, leaks, warps, and fogginess; should you find any, then they're likely due for replacement. If you notice that your utility bills are abnormally high, this can also be an indicator that your windows are not functioning properly.

You've Sold Me! How Can I Hire Them?

Lone Wolf Exteriors offers no-cost consultations to all customers interested in replacing their windows. The company also replaces siding, doors, and roofs on residential properties.

Visit today and see what the best window contractor in Texas can do for you!

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