Planning a Multigenerational Vacation? Find 2024’s Best Festivals for Families!

Apr 6, 2024

Make the next family vacation an unforgettable adventure that everyone will love! In We Love Travel Blog’s new guide, you can find the best cultural festivals happening in 2024 and what to think about.

Family-Friendly Cultural Festivals for Ages 1-99

If you're planning a multigenerational family vacation this year, you're probably asking yourself what you've gotten yourself into. Because how on earth do you entertain a baby, a teenager, a grumpy Grandpa, and two stressed parents at the same time? While it might seem like an impossible task, We Love Travel Blog has just released a guide with some great suggestions on where you can take the whole family in 2024!

>>Find the best festivals to take your family here:

We Love Travel Blog is an online resource for family adventures and holidays that everyone will enjoy, from young children to great-grandparents. With this guide, you're going to ace this year's family holiday!

Attend a Cultural Festival With Something for Every Family Member

Planning a vacation can be stressful, especially a family vacation where toddlers, teenagers, parents, and grandparents all have different ideas of how to have a good time. We Love Travel Blog released the new guide with the aim of giving family holiday planners inspiration for cultural festivals at interesting destinations with something for family members of all ages.

"Attending a cultural festival can be one of the most enriching experiences for a family. It's a chance to step outside of the everyday and plunge into a world of color, music, dance, and tradition," a spokesperson for the company said. "More than that, they're fun, and they often offer something for everyone, making them ideal for families traveling with multiple generations."

9 Days of Hot Air Balloon Fun in Albuquerque

In the guide, you can find suggestions of family vacation destinations in India, China, and the US with cultural festivals taking place in 2024. For example, the 9-day-long Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, which is set to start on October 5th. Watch the smallest get mesmerized by a sky filled with hot air balloons, drone light shows, and fireworks, while Grandpa will love the chainsaw carvings, car shows, competitions, and more.

How To Plan Ahead For a Relaxing Experience

We Love Travel Blog also shares practical advice on how to make the trip a stress-free and safe experience for everyone. You can find a packing checklist, suggestions on what to do in case someone gets separated, and how to document the vacation.

Additionally, the guide details what to look out for when planning a festival visit, for example, wheelchair and stroller accessibility, weather, and expected crowd size to ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone.

"Traveling together as a family is an enriching experience that becomes even more meaningful when it involves learning about new cultures. Festivals are a unique opportunity to teach children and young adults about diversity and respect for different ways of life," the company spokesperson said.

>>Get to know other cultures and each other at a family-friendly festival! Find all the recommendations here:

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