Plainsboro Nurturing Home Style Daycare Offers Small Groups With Mixed Ages!

Jul 7, 2024

If you want to make sure your little one gets loving care, RisingStars Family Childcare (+1 609 785 5094) provides a safe, home-style atmosphere and small groups for preschoolers.

The choice of a daycare center can be nerve-wracking - you want to know your son or daughter will be safe and get what they need! With an emphasis on a loving atmosphere and close attention, RisingStars Family Childcare welcomes you and your little one.

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The Plainsboro center provides options for your family if you're seeking a home-style daycare facility with an emphasis on child development, learning, and nurturing attention.

Choose A Flexible Schedule

As you and your loved ones enjoy the summer months and start looking ahead to the coming school year, the childcare services at RisingStars include flexible part-time or full-time scheduling options for busy parents and their children.

A study published in the Child & Youth Care Forum shows that availability, accessibility, cost, and quality of care are essential factors for most people when selecting a daycare solution. At RisingStars, the emphasis is on a secure, home-style environment where your young child or infant can thrive in safety.

Stimulate Learning

“We provide a loving daycare in a nurturing and safe family setting at my home,” says owner Mrs. Aparna. “The NJ-licensed, state-approved program is devoted exclusively to the needs and development of the younger child, covering care for children from birth through age five, as well as before and after care for school-age children.”

To encourage development in children of all ages, RisingStars uses a “Creative Curriculum,” designed to help your little one discover their original talents and strengths while becoming a confident learner for life.

With a recognition of how important the first years are for cognitive, social, and emotional development, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers at RisingStars are encouraged to engage in activities that stimulate the senses while fostering school readiness.

Enjoy Loving Care

The center has many appropriate toys and materials for children, and young ones are encouraged to mix with peers of different ages to encourage learning. Group sizes and numbers are limited to ensure appropriate care and attention for your child at all times.

Clients have positive reviews for Mrs. Aparna and the center. “RisingStars is a wonderful daycare center,” says Divya S. “Mrs. Aparna takes care of every child, giving equal attention to all. My son has learned to do his day-to-day activities independently, as Mrs. Aparna engages kids with a lot of activities they enjoy. She is very kind and we get daily updates - highly recommended!”

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