Pivot Head Back Shaver For Men Follows Body Contours To Prevent Nicks & Cuts

Aug 1, 2023

This long-handled razor from Fuze Brands makes it easy to shave your back without assistance, and it will never cut the skin!

If you've ever tried to shave your back with a standard razor, you've probably fallen over in the bathroom and had to explain the noise to your partner with a sheepish look on your face. I was practicing the Running Man, honest! Well, thankfully this long-handled shaver from Fuze Brands makes getting rid of that back forest a breeze!

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With its unique design, the product provides a close, smooth shave without assistance. The design features two razors for more effective results, and it can be used wet, dry, or with shaving cream.

Shaving your back can be frustrating because the awkward angles make it hard for you to see what you're doing and achieve full coverage. This often leads to irritation or missed patches of hair - not a good look!

The Fuze Brands back shaver solves this problem through its specialized ergonomic design. The long, contoured handle can bend up to 180 degrees. This full range of motion allows you to comfortably shave every part of your back on your own.

An anti-slip grip has been incorporated for added control. The two razor heads are larger than standard shavers and follow the contours of your body, preventing nicks and cuts. The rust-resistant blades stay sharp for months of use and can be replaced when needed.

The back shaver requires no batteries or charging to operate. This makes it suitable for travel and reduces long-term operating costs. Clean-up is quick and easy by rinsing under water or using a cleaning brush.

The handle and razor heads detach for convenient storage in a drawer or toiletry bag. This also allows the head to transform into a body groomer for shaving your chest and other areas, utilizing the same no-cut technology that safeguards the skin while shaving.

A recent customer said: "I was very skeptical at first. I saw these types of products and didn't know how they would work without shaving cream or something like that. But after trying it, this worked well and didn't hurt or pull my hair. There are no razor bumps or cuts. I'm very impressed."

If you're looking for an easy-to-use solution to your back hair problem, you're in the right place!

Go to http://bit.ly/2qRG0a0 for all the details you need!

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