Pink Elephant Street Art Cotton T-Shirt, Explore Unique NYC Graffiti Collection

May 30, 2024

Get an ice-breaking T-shirt from Sarah James Jazz Merch collection of unique New York graffiti merch of long-sleeved cotton T-shirts with unisex fit.

Spark Conversation with Inspirational Street Art Merch

Do you like conversation-starting clothes that draw attention? Then you will love Sarah James Jazz Merch! She has plenty of unique street art prints on T-shirts that not only look cool, but come with inspiring messages. One of the latest designs is of a pink elephant that empowers you to spread good vibes to the people around you!

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Sarah James Jazz Merch's collection of graffiti print T-shirts is a living project, with the artist behind the brand, Sarah James, constantly adding new eye-catching designs. It features rare street art murals that Sarah finds on her walks in New York City, and the latest addition of a Hindu-inspired elephant in vibrant colors is a casual statement piece to wear.

Gift Idea for Creative People

The T-shirts from Sarah James Jazz Merch make fun gifts to creatives and people who love outsider art. As street art in NYC rarely gets to sit untouched for long, the prints are completely unique and can likely not be found again, giving them an authentic background story.

"I roam the streets of Manhattan usually in the early morning hours because there are fewer pedestrians interfering with a photographic image. I'm in search of artwork that speaks to me," Sarah said about the collection. "Many times, I feel the loss, the confusion, and the spirituality of the artist come through in the images in a way that is rough, free, raw, and unencumbered by intellect. It feels very direct."

Positive Vibes with Ganesha Graffiti

The recently added print of a pink elephant was found on a building wall in the Lower East Side in the spring of 2023 and has been altered many times since then. The elephant, a colorful interpretation of the Hindu god Ganesha, is made in a playful cartoon style, and next to it, another street artist has tagged "We Rise By Lifting Others," giving the T-shirt positive vibes.

Sarah James Jazz Merch- A Fun Shopping Experience

Sarah James Jazz Merch has a wide selection of interesting graffiti prints, as well as other unique items, including Nancy King leggings, a duffle bag featuring Hindu goddess Tara, floral flip-flops, and more. The T-shirts can be ordered in a range of colors, and the prints cover various styles and themes, ensuring there's something for every taste. >>To learn more about Sarah and all her products, check out:

About Sarah James

Sarah James is a womanpreneur with many ongoing projects. In addition to her e-commerce business, she works as a jazz singer, composer, and poet and currently produces a documentary about jazz singers.

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