PID Controllers in Espresso Machines & How To Get Perfect Temperature, Explained

Dec 26, 2023

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Espresso Machines: Understanding the Role of PID Controllers” joins EpicPresso’s collection of informative digital resources. 

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Why are PID controllers important in espresso brewing? 

Operating much like the thermostat in your home, the PID controller in your espresso machine enables you to regulate the temperature of your coffee as it brews, the EpicPresso report explains. Although PID controllers have been used in commercial coffee brewing settings for years, they have only recently been introduced to at-home espresso machines.

This algorithm-based technology ensures your machine’s boiler is at the correct temperature for optimal flavor extraction. The name PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) describes the three ways in which the system intuitively self-corrects, preventing temperatures from dropping too low or peaking too high.

“A few degrees too hot, and you’ll burn those precious grounds”, the report says. “Too cool, and you’ll under-extract, leading to a sour, weak espresso.”

By maintaining consistent temperatures and in turn, consistent coffee tastes, cafés and restaurants can ensure each espresso they serve is up to their standards and that customers receive the same flavor cup every time. This also applies to your at-home coffee brewing processes, since it allows you to create an espresso that perfectly suits your palate.

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What can greater temperature precision do for your morning espresso?

Moreover, the report continues, the PID technology allows you to adjust water temperatures depending on which roast or varietal of beans you are using, bringing out the best flavor profiles in each.

“Lighter roasts may benefit from a slightly higher temperature, while darker roasts might shine at a lower one”, EpicPresso says, suggesting you experiment with temperatures to find your favorite way to brew your beans if you are a first-time PID machine user. As such, when made with a PID controller-equipped machine, your at-home brews can rival the taste and quality of your favorite artisanal coffee shops and cafés.

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