Phoenix Roofers Can Use This Content Marketing Service To Improve Local Rankings

Aug 14, 2023

Are your SEO and PPC campaigns not yielding the results you’re hoping for? Time you got out of that money pit for something far more effective and cheaper, too. Get in touch with Digital Marketing Solutions and discover a new way of dominating the SERPs!

Small contracting companies are at the mercy of their larger peers, both in the real world and the World Wide Web.

If you’re a contractor and the thought of spending thousands of dollars on retaining an online marketer is not something you’re keen on entertaining, then you need to try this new, creative approach to dominating Google’s SERP.

Digital Marketing Solutions has come up with a proprietary approach to content marketing that allows any business to improve Google rankings within a short period.

And it’s no gimmick either because it takes advantage of the search engine giant’s very own local ranking guidelines, which means that it’s guaranteed to work because it’s not breaking any rules.

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Google once said that its three main factors for ranking are relevance, distance, and prominence.

What Digital Marketing Solutions found is a way to satisfy all three. And because of this discovery, it can now position brands higher up in search rankings fast and without them spending hundreds of dollars monthly on agency retainer fees.

Digital Marketing Solutions achieves this feat through a purpose-built tool that allows for the creation of branded content in different formats that are then distributed to hundreds of websites and publications pre-selected for their high-domain-authority scores.

This cutting-edge tool is capable of generating different content types, including news articles, blogs, videos, podcast audio, slide shows, and infographics. After content generation, the distribution process follows, which is also managed on your behalf by this amazing invention.

Digital Marketing Solutions’ content strategy usually focuses on stories that position their clients as leaders in their field within a particular locality, thus satisfying Google’s local ranking requirements per each campaign.

It explains further: “Small contracting businesses often lack the resources to launch a massive reputational marketing campaign that promotes their leadership in their respective markets. However, that is precisely what they can achieve with our system. With it, you can quickly establish your authority, signaling to Google that you deserve a page-one ranking.”

In keeping with its mission to support small businesses, Digital Marketing Solutions is initially offering its service to contractors within and around Phoenix, so HVAC companies, plumbers, roofers, window installers, electricians, and general contractors will get first dibs on this unique offering.

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