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Jun 17, 2024

PetWise introduces you to activities, practices, methods, toys and tricks that can enhance your ability to be a good pet parent.

Owning a pet can be very rewarding. It can also be challenging and time-consuming. So set yourself up for success! Come to the experience well-equipped with the knowledge you'll need to make the most out of a potentially life-long, loving relationship. If you're a new pet owner or want to learn more about an existing, furry, feathered or hooved family member, PetWise is the perfect blog for you.

PetWise is a new information hub dedicated to helping pet owners and animal lovers improve their standard of care.

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A Reliable Resource For Pet Owners

PetWise is building an extensive catalog of articles and guides on pet training, grooming, health, veterinarians, insurance, and all other things pet related. As you start or want to enhance your life as a pet parent, the blog is here to be a reliable source of information on most anything you need.

“Jeannie knows firsthand how to bring pets and their owners into healthy, positive relationships,” said a PetWise representative about its founder and owner. “Certified as a Canine Behavioral Therapist, she’s had the experience of working with thousands of dogs and their owners.” But her knowledge and interest doesn’t stop there.

Powered by its founder's professional background working with all types of animals along with her 40 years of experience as a cat owner, Pet Wise offers deep insights into the day-to-day challenges of caring for your favorite animal friend. This is why it provides many of the best strategies and practices for pet care.

An Overview Of Pet Wise's Catalog

PetWise’s most recent blog post talks about one of the most challenging experiences pet owners might experience—air travel. If you ever need a useful guide on air travel, the blog post will take you through the complex, difficult process of flying with your pet safely, from pre-travel preparations like vaccinations and mock travel sessions, to flight day strategies like airport security navigation and carrier procedures, to post-travel health checks.

The other articles featured in the blog discuss topics that may be helpful to you as an animal lover, such as interactive toys for cognitive development and positive reward training, to comparing pet insurance policies as well as best uses of quality CBD oil.

Making Your Pet's Life Happier

PetWise is dedicated to making your pet's life happier. Through its ever-growing knowledge base, the blog hopes to facilitate a healthier, more positive relationship between you and your pet.

“Jeannie, CBT accredited was called to work with families to bring understanding, harmony and life-long healthy relationships between people and pets. The rewards were many and now through this blog she continues to give to those who want to learn more about being the best pet parent they can be,” said a spokesperson for PetWise.

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