Pesticide-Free Non-Toxic Lice Care Las Vegas In-Home Treatment

Nov 24, 2023

Las Vegas, NV – Lice Happens Las Vegas now offers Pesticide-Free Non-Toxic Lice Care Las Vegas In-Home Treatment in Clark County.

In Las Vegas, the battle against head lice just got a reliable ally with Lice Happens Las Vegas - the mobile service that brings immediate relief in-home. Founded in the summer of 2013 by Michelle Lohrli, the company stands out for its commitment to pesticide-free lice treatment, ensuring children are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Michelle, after her own ordeal with ineffective over-the-counter treatments, decided that other families shouldn’t have to face the same frustrations. Lice Happens Las Vegas uses natural lice remedies and non-toxic head lice solutions to free children and adults from the stress of lice infestations. The treatments are not only safe but provide discreet lice services in the comfort of one’s home, a boon for those seeking privacy during such times.

The expertise of Lice Happens doesn’t end with eliminating lice. Michelle offers quality lice treatment coupled with education services, empowering families with lice prevention strategies and tips. The lice treatment consultation extends beyond the physical removal of lice, equipping families with the knowledge to manage future encounters with these pests.

Understanding that a lice infestation can be a source of considerable stress, Michelle ensures her service also addresses lice stress relief. With lice specialist assistance, the process of lice removal becomes less daunting. Parents and caregivers are provided with lice treatment products and elimination tools, along with guidance on effective head lice combing techniques.

From Las Vegas to Henderson and North Las Vegas, Lice Happens Las Vegas serves the entirety of Clark County, NV. As the first West Coast presence of the Lice Happens franchise, Michelle brings her extensive background in marketing and advertising, and expertise in customer service, to provide a family lice treatment service that's not just about solving an immediate problem but about building a relationship of trust and support with the community.

For those in Clark County facing the sudden challenge of head lice, Michelle Lohrli's Lice Happens Las Vegas emerges as a dedicated partner, offering an effective and non-intrusive solution that goes beyond the immediate treatment and into the realm of education and prevention.

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