Perth Pre-Retirees Can Get Superannuation Advice From This Top Financial Planner

May 2, 2023

Getting older means planning for your retirement. The experts at Approved Financial Planners can help you get the best out of your retirement years with a free 15 – 30 minute consultation, during which they will provide you with initial ideas on your available options.

I just turned 45. Not sure how that happened, but it happened. Actually, it was better than I expected! I took some time off work and popped off for a week of sun, surf, and swimming at a beautiful beach resort. Even took a little “me time” at the spa before joining some mates who had also recently celebrated turning 45.

Now that’s the kind of life I could get used to. Came back down to earth with a bump when I found myself at my desk again Monday morning. Still, I can start counting down the years until retirement. I can dream?

But then I got to wondering. What would retirement actually look like? I make good money now, but how much of that will be left when I’m ready to pack it in and embrace the freedom of not working full-time? Will I be one of those retirees taking ski breaks on a whim or alternatively just some beach bum sleeping on his surfboard every night? OK, maybe I’m exaggerating… but I know which option I’d prefer.

Now that I’m getting older, I need to start planning. Luckily, the advisors at Approved Financial Planners can set me on the right track. Check out their website for a free 15 - 30 minute consultation at

Based in Perth, the company provides managed advice on strategies to assist individuals to improve their financial position. These strategies utilise investment and superannuation funds run by some of the world's top investment managers. They really know their stuff and can tailor individual retirement plans for my retirement goals as soon as they know my anticipated retirement date. I’m going to go see them today!

Approved Financial Planners’ experts will discuss how I can best maximise my Centrelink entitlements and legal strategies to minimise taxes. They will also work out the amount I need to retire the way I want to; to live my best old geezer life!

Approved Financial Planners offers detailed advice on superannuation and investment strategies. Their retirement planning team will help me to create a retirement plan that takes advantage of structures that offer high tax effectiveness to boost my saving for my retirement.

Approved Financial Planners don’t leave you on your own after a plan is implemented. They act as your financial mentors, advising you on setting up a retirement plan and reviewing your progress toward your financial goals annually.

I can trust them to guide me through the maze of available options and help me to make the choices that will benefit me and my family the most. Retirement sorted,

Don’t delay! Speak to a financial expert who can help you plan your retirement at

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