Perth Heavy Vehicle Operators: Delphi-Authorised Diesel Injector & Pump Testing

Jan 16, 2024

If you run heavy vehicles in Perth, Edinburgh, or another part of Scotland, Extract Engineering (01228 558866) offers the most advanced diesel injector and pump testing facility in the region.

Convenience & Peace-Of-Mind

Modern diesel injector systems require equally advanced test and repair services, but you don’t need to send them hundreds of miles away. Extract Engineering is one of only 12 Delphi-approved centres in the UK, and they’re conveniently located for Scottish operators.

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You aren’t limited to Delphi injectors, because the centre has expertise with the most advanced systems from VDO, DENSO, and Bosch. Using the latest electronic diesel injector test bench, the Hartridge AVM-2 PC, the firm can find almost any fault, and repair your injectors to OEM standards.

Extract Engineering’s Carlisle facility makes it the most convenient option for haulage companies in the Northwest and Scotland. In fact, heavy vehicle operators as far afield as Edinburgh and Perth are now benefiting from their services.

The Need For Expertise

Modern diesel injector systems are considerably more complex than their older mechanical counterparts, creating the need for equally sophisticated systems to diagnose faults and recondition them. In addition to reduced fuel efficiency, poorly maintained injectors can lead to a loss in power, and potentially damage your engine over an extended period.

Vehicle downtime can also lead to significant losses for your business, which is why using a local expert like Extract is so important. While the company works with some of the most advanced diesel injector systems, it also retains the skills and equipment needed to recondition older mechanical models.

“The exceptionally high pressures, innumerable injection cycles, and fairly extreme operating environment in modern EUI injectors produce wear and tear,” a company representative explained. “Our latest AVM-2 PC test bench can detect almost any fault, and we use genuine Delphi injector parts in our repairs to ensure they are restored to OEM specification.”

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About Extract Engineering

Company manager and lead engineer Steve Jefferson has focused on diesel injector systems for his whole career, and his experience/feedback contributed to the development of Delphi’s latest generation of high-pressure testing platforms. The firm is now one of the leading centres of expertise in the entire northwest region.

“The team at Extract are very knowledgeable and experienced, and they gave me a full explanation of the testing and subsequent problems found,” one client recently stated. “They also offered me a range of available solutions. Overall, an excellent service.”

For maximum convenience, and the assurance that your injectors are working to OEM specifications, see the team at Extract Engineering.

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