Perle Cotton Punch-Needle 6-Ply Floss Skeins Have Beautiful Variegated Colors

Jul 31, 2023

Valdani is the home of all things punch-needle and crazy quilting, and they are proud to constantly be bringing you better thread and floss for your projects.

If you want to make fun and flossy punch needle and crazy quilting projects, you need the best floss. You need Valdani’s heavy long-staple floss!

You can buy the thread maker’s heavier floss in 6-ply floss skeins, which have been innovatively designed to be threaded directly onto your punch needle, without needing to be pre-cut or separated from the skein. Valdani has long been considered one of the pioneers in the North American punch-needling and crazy quilting communities, and they are committed to creating threads that allows you to create your perfect project with ease.

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Valdani offers its heavy 6-strand floss skeins in over 300 colors, including both solid and variegated shades. You can buy these shades separately on their website in ten-yard measures, or in sample pack style collections that highlight different color palettes.

You’ll appreciate that, as with the other cotton threads they manufacture, Valdani’s 6-ply floss has been crafted with 100% long-staple organic Egyptian perle cotton. As they spin all their threads by hand in their boutique Canadian factory, they also hand-dye their threads and flosses.

This means that each one of their solid and variegated colors is completely colorfast, and guaranteed to keep its rich depth and subtle nuances for as long as the project you stitch it into lasts.

As Barbie pink fever takes over the world this month, Valdani is also showcasing their selection of distinctive solid pink 6-ply floss hues to you, including their slightly less pastel and more punchy Baby Pink, their vivid and bright Electric Pink, and their soft and nostalgic Dusty Rose. Also available are their variegated summer-inspired Strawberry Cream and Raspberry flosses.

In addition to their 6-strand floss skeins, you can also purchase their popular 3-strand floss balls, which you can also thread directly onto your punch needle and used without pre-cutting. You can also easily separate Valdani’s 3-ply floss into separate strands if you want to create finer and more delicate looks.

You can find Valdani’s full collection online and in popular sewing and crafting stores across North America.

A spokesperson for the popular sewing thread makers said, “Our 6-strand floss skeins come in over 300 beautiful hand-dyed variegated and hand-dyed solid colors and showcase subtle shades and unique multicolors. We believe they offer a rich palette for all punch-needlers, crazy quilters, cross-stitchers, and thread-embellishment enthusiasts.”

Your punch-needle or crazy quilting project will be sew cute and sew easy to make with the right floss.

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