Periodontist Top Google Rankings: Appear In Search Box Autofill Suggestions

Jun 21, 2024

If you’re a periodontist, orthodontist, or endodontist, My Tooth Media offers a unique way to dominate Google and Bing search results. The game-changing technology is known as autocomplete optimization.

Better Than SEO

Good SEO services can run into several thousand dollars every month – and that gets you just one or two positions on page-1. With autofill optimization, My Tooth Media can get you almost every position on the first page, and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

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Autocomplete is the list of suggestions that appear when you start typing a new search, and that’s where your dental practice can appear. Follow its introduction for family dentists, the service is now open to specialists, including periodontists, orthodontists, and endodontists.

The new tech works by linking dental practices with specific phrases, such as “best periodontist near me,” or “trusted local orthodontist.” You can apply for whatever phrase you want, but My Tooth Media limits each phrase to just one client, so you need to be quick.

“Claim the best keyword phrases for periodontists, endodontists, or orthodontists, and you can own your local search market,” a company representative explained. “Whenever someone starts typing your chosen phrase, your practice will appear as a suggested term in autocomplete, so you’re visible before any of your competitors.”

SEO: A Competitive & Expensive Market

The majority of searches for local service providers now begin online, with Google being the dominant search platform. As a result, many businesses are investing in SEO and/or pay-per-click advertising to improve their search visibility, which can run into more than $4,000 per month for advanced SEO assistance.

My Tooth Media states that the new autocomplete optimization service is considerably less expensive than traditional SEO, and can also give you much better results. In fact, existing clients are reporting near domination of first-page search rankings, which almost never happens with traditional SEO.

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media states that its autocomplete optimization technology is both new and unique in the digital marketing space. While many clients are using the system to boost their local visibility, the company states that it is equally effective at a national or international level.

“We claimed as many keyword phrases as possible because we wanted to dominate our search market, and we’re extremely happy with the results,” one client recently stated. “My Tooth Media delivers exactly what they promise.”

For better-than-SEO search results at a fraction of the cost, discover the revolution that is autocomplete optimization.

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