Periodontal Disease Home Remedies: Stop Your Gum Infections From Getting Worse

Feb 19, 2024

Learn to keep the dentist away! To find out how to stop periodontal disease and save your teeth and gums, read this expert Valleant report!

Your guide to better gum health!

Treating your gums and teeth well will prevent you from needing restorative dental treatments down the line! If you want to learn how to stay periodontal disease-free, this Valleant report is for you.

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With this essential report, Valleant can help you heal your gums and stop disease from wreaking havoc. It’ll teach you to recognize the symptoms of gum infections while offering tips on simple ways for you to promote better oral health at home.

The report describes regular oral hygiene routines as crucial when it comes to preventing gum infections from developing and getting worse. It advises that brushing, flossing, and mouthwash all combine to fight bacteria and keep your mouth clean. 

Accordingly, Valleant suggests that the key to countering periodontal disease is in your hands. Short of seeking professional treatment, it says, you must stay on top of your dental hygiene with long-term discipline - failing to do so can result in costly consequences!

As written in the report: “Without intervention, periodontal disease can progress, damaging the soft tissue and bone that support teeth. However, progression is not inevitable. With the right management strategies and lifestyle choices, individuals can take charge of their oral health and prevent the condition from worsening.”

Alongside typical toothbrushing routines, the Valleant report offers other lifestyle tips conducive to better oral hygiene. It strongly warns you about the impact of smoking - citing a clear link between the habit and the worsening of periodontal disease.

Eat smart!

The report also illustrates the role that nutrient intake plays in maintaining your gum health - encouraging you to regularly eat foods that can help to counter infections. Foods rich in vitamin C and phosphorus are specifically named for their beneficial properties - while sugar and starch are highlighted as detrimental to your gum health overall.

While Valleant advises you to monitor your teeth and gums, its report also points to the importance of scheduling frequent dental appointments. Professionals can offer you guidance on oral hygiene and catch signs of periodontal disease early, notes its report - simplifying any necessary treatments or adjustments.

According to the report: “In the face of periodontal disease, staying informed and proactive is key. Individuals should remain vigilant for signs of disease progression and connect with a dental professional if changes are noted. Advancements in treatments and therapies provide an array of options to manage and treat periodontal disease effectively.”

With these tips, you can keep your gums in great shape!

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