Peoria, AZ HVAC Company Offers Routine AC Maintenance To Improve Unit Efficiency

Jul 19, 2023

Sick of feeling like a hot mess in your own home? It’s time to call in the pros. Clark Heating and Cooling (602-793-2477) will make sure that your AC is operating at peak efficiency, so you can beat the summer heat and stay cool.

Why sweat it out when you can stay cool? Get in touch with experts that can clean and seal your ducts, improve airflow, and even add insulation to help your AC unit operate at peak efficiency.

By inspecting and addressing potential issues, Clark Heating and Cooling's team of experts helps you prevent unnecessary unit repairs or breakdowns during the summer. Its AC maintenance service is available on a yearly, half-yearly, or quarterly basis, depending on your preference.

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The HVAC contractors in Peoria, Arizona, stress the importance of addressing minor repairs promptly to prevent major issues in the future. Through their service, the company helps you in maintaining an efficient AC system while improving indoor air quality and achieving optimal comfort throughout the summer months.

"The best way to keep your AC unit running efficiently is to perform regular, scheduled maintenance," said a spokesperson for the company. "Like changing the oil in your car, regularly servicing your HVAC unit should give you years of trouble-free heating and cooling."

Based on their expertise, Clark Heating and Cooling recognizes the crucial role that ductwork plays in regulating humidity levels and preventing discomfort in the home. As a result, the AC maintenance service includes whole-house duct modifications. The HVAC team's modifications focus on achieving balanced airflow, maximizing AC equipment performance, and optimizing unit capacity.

During AC maintenance appointments, the company's technicians thoroughly assess the return grill, return box, and filter of your AC unit to ensure adequate airflow and maintain high indoor air quality. Additionally, you have the option of installing air purifiers and air quality controls as part of the service.

Drawing inspiration from its Hawaiian roots, Clark Heating and Cooling embodies the "Spirit of Aloha" in its work by embracing the principles of honesty, humility, and love for others. The company, owned by Dave C. Clark, is committed to providing you with routine heating and cooling system maintenance, fast repairs, replacements, and installation services.

A satisfied customer said: "Clark Heating & Cooling came out to replace the motor, fan, and several other parts in our extremely noisy air conditioner/heater unit. They were diligent, caring, friendly, and hard-working. They wouldn't leave until they ensured that everything was running perfectly both in the unit in the room and the condenser unit outdoors."

Clark Heating and Cooling is your trusted HVAC contractor in Peoria, Arizona, here to keep you cool, comfortable, and smiling all summer long.

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