Pearland, TX Home Health Care Planner CASA Healthcare Launches Home Health Care Services

Feb 14, 2017

Pearland headquartered CASA Healthcare launched specialized home health care services that extend physician-ordered care to senior citizens and patients confined to their homes. In addition to medication management, dressings, and physical, occupational, and speech therapy, CASA Healthcare offers personal care services such as bathing, meal preparation, hair, and skincare.

Pearland, TX home health care planner and provider CASA Healthcare announced the launch of its health care services in the Greater Houston area. The provider's services cover a wide range of nursing and rehabilitation therapies including care planning, medication management, physical therapy, and personal care. These services are focused on individuals covered by Medicare or Medicare Replacement Insurance.

More information about CASA Healthcare and a comprehensive list of its services is available at

Individuals who require home health care usually includes senior citizens over the age of 65, or individuals who are unable to leave their homes because of an ailment or disability. As a leading provider of personalized home health care services in Pearland, Texas, CASA Healthcare is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Medicare, and Medicaid. Clinical staff working with the organization are licensed and certified practitioners in the State of Texas.

CASA Healthcare extends its coverage to include patients receiving care through nursing homes, hospitals, insurance companies, case managers, and other healthcare organizations. Home health care personnel administer treatments and drugs as ordered by a physician as patients respond to treatment better when administered at home. These include oral and intravenous medication, blood sampling, wound dressing and post-operative care, physical strengthening, prosthetic training, and other nursing and therapeutic care.

According to a spokesperson for CASA Healthcare, "Our home health care services allow patients to recover and rehabilitate in the familiar surroundings of home while receiving the finest care in the world. Our team of Registered Nurses, Dieticians, Health Aid Workers, and specialists in physical, occupational, and speech therapy deliver personalized care that changes lives for the better. We offer free consultations and can be contacted via email or Facebook Messenger."

Headquartered in the Greater Houston city of Pearland, Texas, CASA Healthcare continues to help patients experience improvements in their quality of life and medical management within the familiarity and comfort of their homes. The organization also specializes in helping patients manage challenging physical conditions such as senility, partial paralysis, arthritis, morbid obesity, cancer, and other debilitating medical conditions. CASA Healthcare is fully accredited by State and Federal licensing authorities for home care services. More information is available at the URL above.

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