Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase For Skin & Hair Hydration Now Available

May 24, 2024

Do you want more luxury and comfort in your bedroom? Mayfairsilk’s limited edition Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase is exactly what you need!

The Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase is a beautiful, hand-finished silk piece with an elegant botanical print design. Crafted in a soft peach fuzz hue, the silk pillowcase transforms the ambiance of your bedroom into something soft and sensual.

If you're ready to indulge in some self-care, this limited edition silk pillowcase by Mayfairsilk is the perfect addition to your sleep routine - Pre-order your Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase here!

Healthy Sleep, Healthy Skin, Healthy Hair

Mayfairsilk's pillowcases are all designed to elevate your sleeping experience. They have naturally thermoregulating properties that will give you a much better quality of sleep compared to cotton.

The Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase reduces hair friction and maintains skin hydration, giving your hair more lustre and your skin more radiance.

“Mayfairsilk has been carefully crafted, blending ancient tradition and modern technology, to create what we believe is the pinnacle in fabric for sleeping. It's exquisite to the touch, soft, durable, hypoallergenic, temperature regulating, maintains skin and hair hydration whilst having a matte finish with rich lustre,” said a spokesperson for the silk brand.

The Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase

The Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase is made out of a 25 momme, 6A long-fibre Mulberry Silk, the highest quality of silk fibre. This material is what gives the pillowcase its smoothness, soft touch, thickness, durability, shine, and refined finish.

Certified by Oeko-Tex, the pillowcase is chemical-free and biodegradable. It's also machine-washable and requires less frequent cleaning than cotton pillowcases.

If you buy the Peach Dreams Pure Silk Pillowcase, you will receive a 30-day sleep guarantee and can have it shipped to you anywhere in the world.

Embracing Sustainable Luxury

Mayfairsilk is a London-based silk brand that offers the finest-grade quality silk beddings, home furnishings, accessories, and more.

Founded by Marcus and Darshana Ubl, the silk brand combines exceptional quality with sustainable luxury, keeping its production process eco-friendly while creating the most elegant, hand-finished silk pieces. Having been featured in Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, and more, the brand continues to promote the underrated benefits of silk.

“Experiencing the remarkable benefits of silk on my hair, skin, and sleep for years, I found myself longing for higher quality and more visually captivating designs,” said Mayfairsilk co-founder Darshana Ubl. “Our unique approach blends artistry and personalisation, incorporating beautiful silk prints and patterns to add character to any bedroom.”

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