pCloud Hosting Backlinks: LinkDaddy Cloud Authority SEO Improvement Strategy

Jun 17, 2024

LinkDaddy creates customized content and HTML pages, and then backlinks your business on some of the world’s leading cloud hosting platforms, like pCloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon AWS.

Gaining A Competitive Edge

With the majority of people using online searches to find your business, SEO has become more important than ever. Of course, most businesses now use some form of SEO, so how do you get a competitive edge? That’s where LinkDaddy can help.

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The firm’s powerful Cloud Authority Backlink service gets your business backlinked on top cloud platforms, boosting your visibility. You have access to 15 leading providers, ranging from pCloud with a domain authority (DA) of 75, through to Microsoft Azure’s DA of 92.

LinkDaddy has three Cloud Authority Backlink packages, with pCloud being part of the first group alongside Google Cloud, Neocities, Backblaze, and Linode. The firm wants to make high-authority backlinks accessible for any business, and pricing is therefore designed with affordability in mind.

“Having a diverse range of high-authority backlinks is a widely recognized technique for improving SEO performance,” Tony Peacock, CEO of LinkDaddy, explained. “However, backlinks on cloud hosting tech giants, such as pCloud, is a relatively new and unique method, so we can help clients gain a competitive edge.”

How It Works

As part of the enhanced Cloud Authority Backlink service, LinkDaddy works with a team of professional writers to develop personalized content for your business. Content campaigns are then combined with unique HTML pages, which are published across the portfolio of cloud hosting platforms, giving you a network of interconnected backlinks.

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In addition to the backlinks themselves, LinkDaddy’s content marketing campaigns are developed with SEO in mind, focusing on industry-specific keywords and/or the locations that you want to target. The firm’s decision to use professional writers is no accident. It’s designed to create high-quality materials that build a meaningful connection with your target audience.

End-To-End SEO Services

Complementing the latest Cloud Authority Backlink service, LinkDaddy offers several additional programs, such as dofollow SEO backlinks, local SEO backlinks, Click-Through-Rate (CTR) manipulation, business directory listings, and more. The firm’s goal is to be at the forefront of advanced SEO techniques and, as you can see, they have an impressive portfolio of services.

LinkDaddy is currently fostering several additional cloud provider partnerships, with further updates expected in the near future. Headquartered in Florida, the firm has established over 11,000 backlinks for approximately 2,850 clients since its formation in 2019, and it now has an average Trustpilot rating of 4.7.

For advanced SEO that gives your business a competitive edge, speak to the innovators at LinkDaddy.

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