Pay-Per-Call Agency Helps New Orleans Businesses Generate Qualified Phone Leads

Mar 23, 2024

Looking for a pay-per-call marketing agency in New Orleans to drive qualified inbound phone leads to your business? Talk to the team at One Click SEO (985-250-0787) now.

Generate inbound calls for your business – speak only with interested callers and pay only when your goals are achieved. With One Click SEO’s Local Call Generator, you can seamlessly integrate a proven pay-per-call model into your marketing and lead generation campaigns. 

You can learn all about One Click SEO’s Local Call Generator at 

Whether you’re an established business or just starting, One Click SEO’s lead generation services provide a cost-efficient way to acquire high-intent phone leads. 

With the service, instead of just receiving the email details of potential customers, you will get the chance to speak one-on-one with leads that the agency’s expert team has verified and qualified.

How Does the Local Call Generator Work? 

One Click SEO’s Local Call Generator program utilizes an innovative proprietary marketing tool alongside Google’s Local Service Ads (LSAs) to turn genuine leads into inbound calls, thus enhancing your business’s conversion rates.  

Compared to many other lead generation services, One Click SEO’s program is outcome-based, meaning you only pay for leads that have real potential and not just for emails or clicks. 

In addition, it offers greater flexibility, with a la carte or DFY delivery models available, giving you control over your budget. 

No More Missed Calls: Maximize Your Ad Spend  

A key component of the service is its live call qualification and fully branded answering solution, designed to answer your calls quickly and consistently. This feature, as research has shown, is vitally important given that callers will, on average, only try to call a company twice before taking their business elsewhere.  

Furthermore, Local Call Generator’s live answering service is essential for creating a positive feedback loop with Google’s LSA algorithm, a key requirement for ensuring your ads are continuously served to the right audience. 

Become A Verified, Google-Backed Business  

Alongside the Local Call Generator offer, One Click SEO will assist you in getting verified by Google and earning the Google Guaranteed green badge, which builds credibility and trust with potential customers. 

You will also receive detailed weekly reports of the campaign, so you can track and monitor performance and ROl.  

“LSA Ads by Local Call Generator drive incoming phone calls to your business daily and only during business hours,” explains a company spokesperson. “You only pay for legitimate phone leads and can decide how many hot leads you want. The service also includes Google Screen, Google Verified, and Google Guaranteed.” 

Get more calls for your company on a 100% performance basis – pay only for results, with One Click SEO’s local call generator program. 

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