Parents Returning Back To Work

Feb 23, 2021

Returning To Work After Maternity or Paternity Leave can be difficult. Growing Brilliant can help your family adjust to learning while at home with a virtual preschool program.

Returning to work after maternity/paternity leave is an important transition in a working parent’s life. It is also a transition time in your infant, toddler, or preschool-age child’s life. With some forethought, the stress over this transition can be greatly reduced. With these 3 tips, you can plan ahead and make the most out of every precious moment with your child while you’re on leave.

Start Searching For the Best Preschool for Your Infant, Toddler or Preschool Age Child

The Best Preschools Can Have Over a YEAR Waitlist!

1. It’s never too early in the game to start looking for a preschool program or daycare center for your infant, toddler, or preschool-age child.

If you are a parent who works outside the home, it’s likely that soon after learning that your family is expanding, you will know whether you will be returning to work after you welcome your infant home. If you are, now is the time to start contemplating the logistics. To first-time parents, this may seem a bit premature. However, finding the perfect childcare solution or preschool for your family may take some time to arrange. Growing Brilliant offers tours of their preschools so parents are able to visit the classrooms and meet their teachers. This is an important step, as you need to feel comfortable with your child’s surroundings while you are at work.

Begin your research and weigh your options early. It is not uncommon for parents to schedule a tour before their child’s arrival to find the best childcare center for their family’s values and needs. Don’t put off your research until you’re ready to go back to work. You don’t want to find out too late, for example, that your favorite center has a waiting list. The return to work will be much less stressful if you’ve worked this part out earlier, rather than later. The best preschools can have over a year waitlist!

Plan, Plan & Plan

2. Plan your return before you leave.

As soon as you are ready to share the news with your employers about the impending arrival of your new infant, you’ll want to talk about the specifics of your maternity/paternity leave. If you are waiting for the birth of a new baby, you will have some idea of the timeframe you will be looking at for a return to work. Of course, there may be unforeseen variables involved, but at least you’ll have some idea of how long you will be off and when you plan to return. Working things out with your employer ahead of time will eliminate having to worry about it while you’d rather be spending time bonding with your child.

Practice The Routine

3. Working parent dress-rehearsals.

To decrease the stress of returning to work after maternity/paternity leave, give yourself a couple of dress rehearsal days. Involve your infant, toddler, or preschooler in the practice run. Doing so will give you an idea of what your new daily routine will look like. Go through the entire routine and get in your groove before it’s the actual day of your return to work. If possible, you may want to have your child start attending the childcare center or preschool you chose for a couple of days before your actual return to work date. That way, you will be comfortable with the new routine before you begin adjusting back into your work-life.

Growing Brilliant Preschool can help you make a smooth transition back to work. At Growing Brilliant Preschool, they understand what it’s like to put your child into someone else’s care for the first time. Most of our leadership team, as well as the owners, have children who have attended (or graduated from) our schools! They go to great lengths to ensure your child has the best care with the most loving, nurturing, and experienced teachers. Growing Brilliant wants to help you make the transition back to work as smooth as possible. Your peace of mind is important. They are dedicated to keeping you connected and informed about your child’s day. With infant care, childcare, and preschool locations in Folsom, Roseville, Granite Bay, and Natomas, they have a solution for you. Schedule a tour here to find out more!

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