Parents Are Choosing Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool

Feb 23, 2021

Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool can help keep your child engaged with learning and activities, be sure to schedule a free class today!

Parents with Nannies, Au Pairs or Grandparents as caregivers enroll their child in Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool. They use this online program to provide fun, educational based activities while watching children. Classes are 45 minutes long, so it gives the caregiver an opportunity to take full advantage of their services. They understand that caregivers need extra support and things to do with their children. Enter Growing Brilliant’s virtual preschool! Their virtual program offers amazing preschool teachers leading hands-on activities online to help educate, develop and socialize children. They even ship the supplies needed to participate in class activities.

What is Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool About?

Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool hosts live classes with their preschool teachers. The teachers educate and guide children through fun activities and lessons. Their live class format is brought to your computer via Zoom with secure login links. The preschool teacher has a lesson plan with learning objectives such as pre-writing, early math, art, crafts, singing, and much more! The children are encouraged to engage and share with the teacher and peers as the class moves along. Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool offers 45 minute class times for ages 2-6, and with a schedule of 5, 3, or 2 days a week. A variety of art and hands-on learning takes place during class time. They ship all the materials in a box straight to your doorstep with every single item needed for class. This is beneficial so that parents won’t need to worry about shopping for or supplying the materials needed.

Why Do Caregivers Love Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool?

After speaking with a community of Au Pairs, Nannies, and Grandparents about using Growing Brilliant Virtual Preschool, they are delighted and grateful to have such a unique and innovative service available. They enjoy that the classes allow an easy way to bring education and fun into their children’s day. What Growing Brilliant’s online preschool really does is enhances their child’s day. They also love the interactions between teachers and students. One grandparent said, “ the art looked like so much fun that I decided to try it, too!”

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