Page 1 Google Domination For Pasadena Dentists: Optimized Autofill Search Terms

Dec 10, 2023

You know those autocomplete suggestions on Google’s search box? My Tooth Media can link your Pasadena dental practice to those terms, and can even make your clinic appear as one of the suggestions.

Appearing on the first page of Google has become an obsession for almost every business owner, and for a very good reason.

SEO and pay-per-click can be very expensive, especially if you want decent results. My Tooth Media offers an affordable and effective alternative.

Their innovative autocomplete optimization technology bypasses SEO and pay-per-click entirely, instead listing your Pasadena dental practice to Google’s suggested search strings. As a result, when someone follows one of the autocomplete search terms, you dominate the whole first page.

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There’s a limited number of dentist-related autocomplete search strings, and My Tooth Media restricts each term to a single business in order to maximize results. However, the technology can also be used to promote your dental practice’s name as one of the search terms that autocomplete suggests.

With the increasing trend towards digital consumerism, many businesses spend significant amounts of money on SEO and/or pay-per-click advertising in an effort to gain favorable search rankings. Such campaigns can have varying results, with HubSpot reporting that less than 30% of marketers attract more leads with an SEO-optimized website, and that organic search results outperform pay-per-click listings for website traffic.

You no longer need to pay for costly SEO or pay-per-click that doesn’t work, because My Tooth Media offers a much better alternative. The firm states that existing clients have already reported near domination of Google first page search results, and you can achieve the same. Better yet, it doesn’t cost a fortune.

“Businesses spend huge amounts of money on SEO and pay-per-click campaigns,” a company representative explained. “We put your dental practice in the auto-complete for Google, YouTube, and Bing, so your customers see you before anyone else. When they choose your office in the auto-complete, they bypass your competition and you own the entire first page.”

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media’s technology is unique in the industry, and is currently being introduced to dental specialists across the US. The firm states that, in addition to local areas, the system has national and international applications.

“My Tooth Media delivers the results they promise,” one client recently stated. “We opted to get as many search terms as possible so we could dominate the local search market, and we’re extremely happy with the results.”

The most popular search strings are first-come-first-serve, so be sure to claim yours as quickly as possible.

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