Packing Kitchen Appliances: Explained By Expert Philadelphia Moving Company Pros

Feb 12, 2024

Preparing for a Philadelphia move? Packing your smaller kitchen appliances might not be your main priority, but it’s a task you can’t afford to rush! Stay prepared with the help of this guide…

Packing kitchen appliances: your guide to moving!

Blenders and rice cookers aren’t items to throw into boxes - in fact, they need to be packed carefully if you want to use them in your new Philly home. 

Learn to pack your appliances properly by reading this guide!

Need to prepare awkwardly-shaped items for imminent home relocations? is here for you. Referring to the challenge of packing kitchen appliances, the guide provides tips on protecting and moving your items safely.

Across the guide, lists a range of techniques for transporting assorted kitchen equipment to new destinations without breaking them. It also stresses the added importance of correct packing, offering you a list of materials that can prove useful during this stage - including boxes, paper, and tape. names smaller kitchen appliances among the most deceptively difficult items to pack due to their array of connected parts and components as well as their potential fragility. Improper packing risks damage, says its guide - making such items useless in your new home. 

As noted in the guide: “Moving with small appliances such as an electric grill, coffee maker, blender, toaster, microwave, food processor, mixer, fryer or rice cooker seems easy on the surface, but it can actually be quite challenging to handle these oddly shaped electronics.” 

Kitchen packing tips: revealed by experts!

The guide recommends that you clean your kitchen thoroughly prior to packing, extending to emptying crumbs and removing traces of food waste. It also suggests that you disassemble certain components from appliances such as microwaves - citing glass doors as parts that can be detached and wrapped separately.

Due to its relocation background, is positioned to provide you with packing guidance by outlining a step-by-step process. Its guide mentions that boxes should be reinforced with extra tape and that heavier appliances should be packed first, among other handy parcels of information.

A central tip offered by the guide addresses concerns of damage caused by overpacking - it advises that you use packing paper to fill space within boxes and prevent appliances from moving around during transit. Yet, emphasizes that professional assistance is always available to ensure correct techniques and less stress for families when moving.

Its guide points out: “No matter how well you prepare and pack your kitchen appliances, it's always a smart idea to hire professional movers to handle it for you.”

Accordingly, the full website at is committed to helping families just like yours around the United States source reputable relocation teams equipped to accommodate apartment moves without elevator access and other difficult situations. Its directory includes companies in major cities, so you can quickly find movers operating nearby. 

Make your Philly move easier than ever!

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