Oxnard OSA Treatment: New Inspire Implant Keeps Your Airway Open During Sleep

Jul 10, 2024

If you suffer from moderate to severe OSA but find CPAP uncomfortable, call Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center (805-557-9930) and ask about their new Inspire therapy!

Freight train, chainsaw, jet, jackhammer – whichever metaphor your partner uses for your snoring, it’s probably pretty accurate. However, if you’re diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), it stops being funny, as it’s a dangerous, potentially life-threatening condition. The good news is that 80% of CPAP users see successful treatment outcomes. The bad news is that up to 50% of users quit within the first year, according to studies. While CPAP therapy is an effective treatment for OSA, the physical discomfort from wearing the mask, noise, and side effects, such as dry mouth or nasal congestion, can be a deal breaker. 

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What should I do if I can’t tolerate CPAP?

Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center advises you to seek alternative treatment options in case of CPAP intolerance, to prevent the significant health risks associated with OSA, which include:

  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease and stroke
  • Impaired cognitive function
  • Mood disorders like depression and anxiety
  • Higher risk of accidents due to daytime sleepiness

One of the newer options the center recommends is Inspire therapy.

What is Inspire therapy and how does it work?

Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation therapy is an FDA-approved treatment that involves implanting a small device near your collarbone. By stimulating the hypoglossal nerve through gentle pulses, the implant moves your tongue and other tissues out of the airway, allowing you to breathe properly and improve the quality of your sleep. 

Inspire comes with a remote control for turning it on and an app, which tracks sleep patterns and allows you to share the data with your doctor.

How effective is Inspire therapy?

The device is used by over 50,000 people, with 91% satisfied with the therapy, according to the manufacturer’s data. 94% say Inspire therapy is better than CPAP and would recommend it. 

“We've seen a higher level of patient satisfaction with Inspire and we’re excited to offer this new therapy to patients who struggle with CPAP,” says Dr. Ronald Popper, the center’s founder.

What other OSA treatments does the center offer?

During your first visit, Dr. Popper will assess your symptoms and examine your airway to determine if you are a candidate for Inspire therapy. In case it is not a suitable option, he may recommend other alternatives:

  • Oral appliance therapy: This is a custom-made dental device that you need to wear during sleep. It will reposition your jaw and tongue to keep your airway open.
  • Bongo Rx nasal pillows: This EPAP device can help you if you have mild to moderate sleep apnea. The nasal pillows work by delivering mild, adjustable air pressure directly into the nostrils, promoting better breathing and reducing sleep disruptions.
  • eXciteOSA daytime therapy: This treatment option is also suitable for mild OSA and snoring, and involves wearing a mouthpiece-like device for short sessions during the day. The goal is to improve the muscle function of the tongue to prevent the upper airway tissue from collapsing.

Who is Dr. Popper?

Dr. Ronald A. Popper, MD, FCCP, FAASM, DABSM has been the founder and Medical Director of The Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center since its inception in 1984. Board-certified in Sleep Disorders Medicine by both the American Board of Sleep Medicine and the American Board of Internal Medicine, he is a well-known specialist in sleep medicine, actively contributing to research and advocating for public education on sleep disorders.

What do patients say?

“I found Dr. Popper to be knowledgeable, proactive and effective in helping me correct problems I've been having with my sleep and, as a result, my health and life in general,” said a satisfied patient. “Having gone to the Southern California Pulmonary and Sleep Disorders Medical Center is the single best thing I've done to improve my health in many years.”

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