Overcoming ADHD Social Challenges: Parenting Tips For Helping Kids & Teens

Apr 14, 2024

Empower your autistic or ADHD child with these amazing tips on social skills and behavioral challenges. Watch this BrainWorx discussion with leading family coach Caroline Macquire on how you can help ADHD kids cope in life and in school.

Overcoming ADHD Social Challenges: Parenting Tips For Helping Kids & Teens

Do you have a child with ADHD? Life with autism is a huge challenge for children and parents alike but BrainWorx - a nonprofit organization specializing in brain training for learning disabilities and behavioral challenges - has a wealth of amazing resources to help families cope with the challenges of living with ADHD. Check out the new interview with leading family coach Caroline Macquire now!

The new BrainWorx video takes an in-depth look at strategies that you can use to help your ADHD kids develop and expand their social skills. The company is dedicated to helping your child naturally overcome ADHD and autism - without the need for a prescription.

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The interview explores some of the reasons why ADHD children struggle when it comes to social situations. Caroline Macquire explains how overwhelming life can be to these children. You can watch the video for free on the BrainWorx YouTube channel.

According to Autism Parenting Magazine, the number of kids now known to have autism disorders is a staggering 241% higher than baseline statistics in 2000. CDC data reveals that prevalence is not linked to socioeconomic status but incidence levels are higher among males.

Enjoy Caroline's wide-ranging discussion with BrainWorx founders Bob Dietrich and Alma Galvan, exploring some proven approaches to mitigate the stressful social experiences of children with ADHD.

Among the tips offered in the interview is using open-ended questions. This encourages children to speak and share their perspectives, allowing you to understand what your child is experiencing in emotional terms and arming you with more information to be able to help. Open questions such as how, why, and what? encourage discussion and thought.

Another section of the piece underlines the importance of listening rather than criticizing or scolding your child when they misbehave. Caroline discusses exploring incidents with children through questions like, 'What do you find difficult?' and 'What were you feeling or experiencing in that moment?'.

Another idea covered in the video is "social spying" - giving your children a mission to listen and observe what is going on around them at school including body language and other people's reactions.

About BrainWorx

The organization has helped thousands of children living with autism, and their families, overcome behavioral and emotional challenges without the need for prescription medication. The BrainWorx Advanced Program is designed to reorganize the brain to promote a sense of calm, focus, and rational thinking.

A spokesperson says, “As parents, we assume we know what’s happening with our kids, and a lot of times we wait and see if things will improve. Most kids with ADHD don’t just get better with time, we have to directly guide them and teach them.”

BrainWorx empowers children and parents living with ADHD. If you need some fresh ideas on how you can help your kid, check out the full interview here: https://www.brainworxmembers.com/ldzkgfsg

Give your children the best chance in life. Living with ADHD needn't be an impossible challenge with BrainWorx!

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