Overcome Childhood Trauma & Heal Yourself & Others With This Motivational Book

Jul 9, 2017

John Eckeberger, an accomplished minister, author and volunteer, announced the launch of the 3rd edition of his book, “The Secrets We Keep”. Ideal for individuals and therapy groups struggling to overcome childhood trauma, the book features both the author’s personal experiences and valuable healing advice.

John Eckeberger, an accomplished author, minister and volunteer, announced the 3rd edition of his latest book, “The Secrets We Keep”. Both a roadmap for survivors of childhood trauma and a useful resource for small practical therapy groups, the book is now available in digital and paperback formats.

More information can be found at http://thesecretswekeep.org.

Childhood can be the most beautiful period of one’s life, with many cherishing the memories accumulated during these intense early years. Growing up in the middle of a loving family, playing with one’s friends, going to school and experiencing a vast range of emotions are all cherished as some of the happiest, most vivid memories.

Unfortunately, certain experiences might result in trauma that can be particularly difficult to overcome.

In “The Secrets We Keep”, John Eckeberger recounts his own experience with childhood trauma and how he eventually overcame it through forgiveness, speaking out for those who have suffered similar experiences, and connecting with various groups that offer help and guidance.

The book is divided in sixteen chapters covering everything from John’s personal experiences with childhood trauma to his journey towards overcoming guilt and shame and connecting with other survivors.

In a realistic but positive and supportive tone, “The Secrets We Keep” offers practical suggestions for anyone recovering from a troubled childhood, as well as institutional management advice for schools, child care facilities, sports programs and other organizations wishing to increase children safety and create a caring and compassionate environment.

John Eckeberger is a minister with extensive experience in various communities and environments. His passion for volunteering and serving God has led him to work with everyone from students to prisoners, and “The Secrets We Keep” is part of his efforts to offer help and guidance to everyone struggling to overcome childhood trauma.

To celebrate the third edition of the book, an autographed copy will be provided to the first 100 book purchases.

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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