Ovation Private Health: New York City’s Weapon Against Cold and Flu Season

Nov 18, 2023

At Ovation Private Health, your provider, Dr. Tatyana Z. Morton, can act as your long-term partner in health. Located in New York City, the practice offers a refreshing approach to healthcare, just in time for cold and flu season.

In the fast-paced fall season, health and wellness often takes a backseat, with cold and flu concerns becoming more reactive than proactive. Ovation Private Health was created to change that narrative. Dr. Tatyana Morton, has joined with Castle Connolly Private Health Partners to establish this de novo concierge (membership-model) program, which is redefining industry standards, and aiming to keep patient-Members healthy through prevention.

Situated in the Upper East Side of New York City, Ovation Private Health goes beyond treating illnesses after they arise, offering a holistic approach that emphasizes wellness and prevention. This powerful strategy empowers individuals to take charge of their health, focusing on the person as a whole rather than a sum of their symptoms, and aiming to keep them in good health to avoid becoming sick in the first place.

Dr. Tatyana Morton, a strong advocate for preventive healthcare, often poses the question, "Why wait for an illness to manifest when you can prevent it?" This preventive ethos is the cornerstone of Ovation Private Health's services, which span from tailor-made healthcare plans to a comprehensive wellness program, meant to support the four pillars of wellness: sleep, exercise, nutrition, and stress management.

In an industry where rushed care has become the norm, Ovation Private Health is committed to thoughtful, personalized attention. Patient-Members are not passive recipients of medical services; they are active participants in their care journey. Ovation Private Health offers a wide range of enhancements to ensure a thorough, connected, and highly-personalized healthcare experience, including 24/7 connection with Dr. Morton, extended visit times, and convenient telehealth options.

By prioritizing wellness for patient-Members through personalized health coaching, exclusive wellness events, and an extensive library of wellness resources to keep patient-Members healthy, the organization not only enhances the care experience, but it also aims to reduce long-term healthcare issues for Members.

For more details on Dr. Tatyana Morton and Ovation Private Health, you can visit the official website: http://ovationprivatehealth.com. 

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