Outsource Hiring & Onboarding To Reduce Expenses For companies of all sizes.

May 28, 2024

Scaling staffing requirements is a tricky business – sometimes you need ’em, sometimes you don’t. For a more cost-efficient model of recruiting, onboarding, and training, outsource with BeeSeen!

Staffing problems? Trying to trim your wage bill or expand your organization's capabilities in an affordable way?

Turn to BeeSeen for outsourcing solutions – find new talent and scale up and down your operations to match demand. More details at https://beeseensolutions.com/strategic-staffing-outsourcing/

Fast & Flexible

The New York-based company enables fast and flexible recruitment that responds to the ever-evolving personnel needs of modern businesses just like yours.

From temporary assistance on a project-by-project basis to long-term appointments, BeeSeen optimizes your available resources to respond to changing market dynamics and increase productivity.

Maximize Resources

BeeSeen can effectively reduce the costs associated with your conventional hiring procedures including recruitment, onboarding, and the administration of employee benefits. These cost savings are also seen in the streamlining of a full-time, payrolled workforce, maximizing resources that you might otherwise waste during periods of inactivity.

You can also eliminate expensive infrastructure, equipment, and training.

Global Adoption

According to Deloitte, global spending on outsourcing exceeded $700 billion in 2022 with financial services, IT, and telecommunications as the main drivers behind this growth. A NAPEO study reveals an average cost saving of 27.2% for those outsourcing recruitment, hiring, and compliance while research suggests that over 60% of companies adopting the outsourced staffing model do so to save money and increase their ability to focus more on core functions. The trend for 2024 continues to showcase an increase in firms looking to work with partners like BeeSeen.

BeeSeen is committed to forging an enduring partnership with you and your business. The team invests a great deal of time in understanding your company's unique culture, requirements, and objectives to better facilitate growth and sustainability.

Case Study

The BeeSeen outsourced staffing model was recently utilized by Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) – a longstanding provider of first and third-party portfolio servicing across the US. Rises in operating costs, increased compliance oversight, and changing technologies had left the company struggling to service its inventories or find experienced and reliable talent.

BeeSeen sourced and hired new candidates in a matter of weeks, deploying onshore and offshore teams that now function as an extension of ARM's core internal operations. The client was able to access next-generation technologies, increase its market share, and expand the types of portfolios they were able to handle thanks to the influx of new talent. How can BeeSeen help you?

Nicholas Iorio Managing Partner stated, “Having confidence in hiring through BeeSeen’s global footprint and taking on larger volumes is a much easier business decision today than before. Effectively utilizing an outsourced model has allowed clients to utilize their personnel properly creating higher levels of success across the board. Operating as a pure extension of our clients supports their ability to hire an outsource provider with confidence.”

Join the outsourcing revolution with BeeSeen!

For more info, go to https://beeseensolutions.com/strategic-staffing-outsourcing/

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