Our toys and tools are making us more sick by robbing us of restorative sleep.

Feb 17, 2024

More and more people are making themselves ill without knowing how they are doing it. This article addresses one of the biggest ways this is happening.

Highroad Enterprises revealed their new review of multiple case studies today on How EMF Interferes with Sleep and Adversely Affects Lyme Disease. It does this particularly effectively by destroying "Restorative Sleep". This review demonstrates that EMF devices, particularly high frequency microwave frequency devices like cell phones and all bluetooth devices disrupt restorative sleep aggravating Lyme Disease symptoms. It is during restorative sleep that the brain normally restores the body. This is blocked by EMF in many people

This summary of multiple cases also made it clear that there is now a growing awareness of the power of bluetooth devices to disrupt restorative sleep in a similar way as the cell phone. It's not "if"-- It's "how much". .

Highroad Enterprises owner Stanley Lang, M.D. says there are many people looking for insights and answers about How EMF Interferes with Sleep and Adversely Affects Lyme Disease . This new review of multiple cases reveals in a practical way that with the right information and guidance many people can make simple and profound changes in their health with a few action steps.

The case study review is available at https://rxlyme.com/. and at https://rxlyme.com/do-emfs-affect-immune-function-in-a-way-that-makes-lyme-disease-worse/

About Highroad Enterprises

Highroad Enterprises was founded in 1992 and was created as a way to disseminate the whole person health approach to common chronic medical problems that Dr Lang has been developing over many years. One of these particularly difficult areas is the increasingly severe plague of Lyme Disease which Dr Lang has been treating and teaching about for more than 20 years. Dr Lang specializes in creating wholistic approaches to the most vexing and challenging medical issues of the day. The key to a successful whole person health approach is integrating body, mind and spirit all at the same time. Integration of people's strengths maximizes benefit and controls chronic stress effectively at the same time..

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