Oticon, Phonak & NANO OTC Hearing Aids Feature & Price Comparison: 2024 Reviews

Mar 12, 2024

Looking for affordable rechargeable hearing aids for under $600? Check out the amazing NANO range – packed with the great features and tailor-made for perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. Pay less – hear more!

Rechargeable hearing aids are becoming the go-to technology for people with hearing loss across the world but where do you start when it comes to choosing the right device?

If you're looking for quality hearing support that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg, check out NANO – part of Hearing At Home LLC - for perceived mild to moderate hearing loss. More details at https://nanohearingaids.com/

Low Cost - High Quality

You could be wearing a cost-effective, over-the-counter alternative to devices from brands such as Oticon and Phonak. With a range of discreet yet powerful hearing aids – all available for under $600 – NANO makes high-quality audio more accessible, even if you have a limited budget.

No Prescriptions

As a NANO customer, you don't need any form of medical exam, prescription, or specialist fitting by an audiologist to purchase and use any of the hearing aids in the range. The collection has been ratified by the FDA as Class 1, ensuring that all models are safe and effective for regular and sustained use.

Sigma Plus

NANO's flagship model is the Sigma Plus – a Bluetooth-enabled device that has a companion app for easy remote control. These earpieces are worn behind your ear and have four selectable programs for different environments. The 'All Around' setting is designed to support hearing in quiet environments such as the home or office. The 'Restaurant' program is suitable for more crowded spaces. There are also settings for TV watching and noisy outdoor environments. The Sigma Plus is available via the NANO website for $597.

Oticon Options

It's this affordable price point that differentiates NANO products from similar behind-the-ear devices by Oticon. For example, the Oticon Real range retails for over $3,000. Like the NANO Sigma Plus, these models also have Bluetooth, a companion app, noise reduction technology, and omnidirectional microphones for higher audio quality. Why pay more?


Swiss company Phonak's range, in particular its entry-level model – the Audeo Lumity Rechargeable – retails from a more affordable $909, yet, for many people, the prospect of an extra $400 compared with NANO models is not justified in terms of extra features.

Ear Pod Power

Some of NANO's other hearing aids – the CIC2 and CIC4 – both small, rechargeable devices that fit snugly in the ear canal and come with adjustable settings – are available for $297 and $397, respectively. There are no comparable alternatives from either Phonak or Oticon. Whatever your budget is, NANO has got you covered.

A NANO spokesperson says, “Nano Hearing Aids are intuitive and straightforward for every user. Turn them on with a simple push of a button, then place them in your ears and adjust the volume as needed. It might feel strange for your ears and brain when first wearing hearing aids, but this feeling typically subsides after several days.”

Hear the world better without breaking the bank. Choose NANO Hearing Aids!

For more info, go to https://nanohearingaids.com/

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