Orlando Infant & Toddler Sleep Coach Offers Consulting For Single Moms

Mar 13, 2024

Help your baby sleep better and for longer with trusted sleep coach Sue Mcglinchey of Tender Care Newborn Services LLC (978-944-2050), based in Orlando, FL.

Congratulations! You are now a parent to a beautiful new baby! As much as you may have prepared for this, you could still be experiencing some challenges during bedtime. And that’s perfectly okay! A lot of babies struggle to fall asleep, and when they do, it may only be for 30 minutes. But what if we told you that it didn’t have to be like that? What if there was a way to help your babies become independent sleepers so that all of you fall asleep at the same time and for the same number of hours?

Experience the difference with a professional baby sleep consultant. Go to https://tendercarenewbornservices.com to learn more.

With a trained sleep consultant, you get to have the best of both worlds: a happy and rested baby and a happy and rested parent!

Personalized sleep training

Tender Care Newborn Services offers sleep training and overnight newborn care services throughout Orlando and all of Central Florida.

Internationally renowned infant to toddler sleep coach, Sue Mcglinchey helps you teach your newborns a proper sleep schedule. Each custom program helps infants younger than 3 months develop a consistent sleep routine so that they fall asleep faster and for longer during the night. Currently, Sue and her team offer 6- and 12-week programs.

For parents who are sleep-deprived

Recent studies published in the journal Sleep found that new parents, particularly mothers, experience the effects of sleep deprivation for four to six years after the birth of their first child. Researchers state that sleep deprivation can cause a multitude of side effects, not least of which are difficulties in focusing and constant irritation.

Helping new parents develop a proper sleep schedule for their newborns, Sue and her team provide all-encompassing care to support babies as they learn to sleep independently. This includes looking at an infant’s sleeping and drinking routines, how the nursery looks like, any distracting stimuli that may be there, and any sleep associations the baby has begun to create. Parents work closely with their sleep consultant to create a gentle yet effective plan for the infant.

Care for your older babies and toddlers

These custom plans may also be tailored for babies older than 12 weeks in two and three week programs. As with the newborn programs, sleep training for toddlers involves looking at the child’s sleeping area and their habits before bedtime. A sleep coach will then suggest minor adjustments so that the infant gets sleepy earlier and falls asleep much more peacefully.

Have multiple babies that need the same service? No problem. Sue and her team offer customized sleep programs for any number of babies for first-time parents, moms with other small children, women who have just had a C-section, and professional women who are returning to demanding jobs!

A spokesperson for the group wrote, "Being a new parent does not mean you have to be sleep-deprived and anxious. For new parents, sleep deprivation is a reality that can take away from the enjoyment of the beautiful journey of bringing home a baby. Having a professional's help will allow you and your baby to get the rest you need so that you can be at your best during the day and enjoy your bundle of joy."

Go to https://tendercarenewbornservices.com so you can learn more. 

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