Orlando Drone Light Shows Help Central Florida Businesses Raise Brand Awareness

May 30, 2024

Imagine your Orlando business’s story written across the sky, larger than life. Imagine the fresh awareness, social media attention, and prospects it could bring. Sky Elements Drone Shows can do it all for you, from display design to event capture, for some serious brand visibility!

Whether you want to just put your business out there, announce a business event, or advertise a new product, Sky Elements Drone Shows can create moments of aerial entertainment that will blast your brand visibility sky-high!

Check out the possibilities at https://skyelementsdrones.com/

Boost Brand Awareness Like Never Before

The company wants Orlando and Central Florida business owners like you to know there's a truly innovative way to significantly increase your brand awareness, showcase your brand's authenticity, and boost your social media engagement and website traffic.

Work with Guinness World Record Setters

You may have heard the demand for aerial entertainment has been growing all over the world. Orlando, being a tourist magnet known for its theme parks, resorts, and dynamic entertainment industry, is no exception.

And get this - at the 2023 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo, held in the city that year, Sky Elements Drone Shows broke two Guinness World Records for the largest flag and for the largest logo flown with multi-rotors or drones.

With such capabilities, it isn’t hard to see how Sky Elements Drone Shows can seriously raise your brand awareness. They can create aerial, 300-foot-wide spinning logo, URL, and functional QR code displays, gaining your business instant recognition, location, and even website traffic.

Your Business's Story, Written Across the Sky

Sky Elements Drone Shows offer you a one-of-a-kind way to highlight your brand's authenticity. Their UAV light shows can render scenes, 3D animations, and lifelike motions to write your business's story across the sky in a bold and striking fashion. Moreover, Sky Elements has the filming and livestreaming capabilities to capture these stories so you can get the greatest possible marketing mileage out of them.

Get More Social Media Action

Even better, the company’s social media content team can help boost your social media engagement to raise even more awareness of your business. The scale and spectacular nature of Sky Elements’ drone light shows are designed to entertain and invite social media capture and sharing, increasing the likelihood of attracting prospects to your business.

Enjoy Industry-Leading Technology

When you sign on with Sky Elements Drone Shows, you'll gain all the benefits of some of the industry's best technology. Your show will include super-bright LED lights, allowing a greater range of design creativity and making your show viewable from greater distances. It will be well-controlled with drones capable of maintaining tight formations, even in crosswinds, and redundant safety features will ensure everything runs smoothly. If you want your show to fit into a larger production, Sky Elements can time your light show so it's coordinated with the bigger sequence.

More about Sky Elements Drone Shows

Sky Elements Drone Shows is led by a team of four professionals who bring experience in sales, product management, drone technology, automation, piloting, and motion graphics. Thanks to their expertise and dedication, Sky Elements Drone Shows has become the nation’s leading drone light show provider, bringing this unique form of aerial entertainment to events, businesses, and artists across the country.

“At Sky Elements, our mission is to deliver captivating drone light shows that immerse audiences and skyrocket brand awareness,” a company representative said. “Every step of the way, we put accuracy, execution, and compliance first.”

Give your audience a show they won't forget with Sky Elements Drone Shows' world-class aerial lighting experiences!

Learn more, or contact the Sky Elements team today for a free consultation, at https://skyelementsdrones.com/

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