Original Art Photographic Shower Curtains: Buy Seasonal Winter Style With Poetry

Jun 18, 2024

Hold on to the pure whites and frosty magic of winter a little longer with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s Winter Snow Scene With Poetry shower curtain! With her incredible photographic eye, you can transform your bathroom.

Turn your bathroom into a winter wonderland and an escape from the busyness of day-to-day life with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s new Winter Snow Scene With Poetry shower curtain.

Make your bathroom a window into a snowy and beautiful world at https://sarahjamesjazzmerch.printify.me/products 

Introducing The Winter Snow Scene With Poetry Shower Curtain

The Winter Snow Scene With Poetry shower curtain features one of Sarah James’ most well-known photographs, taken in the Hudson Valley after the first heavy snowfall of the season, and is accompanied by some of her original poetry. The team at Sarah James Jazz Merch, her online boutique, recommends the curtain to you if you love the unique beauty of winter.

Original Art Photographic Shower Curtains

This shower curtain represents a new evolution for Sarah James Jazz Merch and for Sarah James as an artist. Following the popularity of her recently released seasonal curtains and landscape photography curtains, she is excited by the prospect of giving you a unique mixed-media work of art to turn your bathroom into an oasis. 

Sarah James believes that what is normally considered functional, or as a kind of afterthought, can actually become central to the way a bathroom is designed, and she wants you to change the way you view the humble shower curtain.

The Most Beautiful Winter Scene Shower Curtain

Winter Snow Scene With Poetry showcases her photographic interest in the quality of light and in capturing what is ephemeral. The curtain brings you bare-branched trees dusted with snow and framing an open snowy field, and at its bottom are the Romanticist-inspired words of James. 

Her poem says, “Nature knows Her mind, She understands the breath of life. She changes colors every day, She grows new shoots. Under the snowy moon, life carries on.”

A spokesperson for her team at Sarah James Jazz Merch said, “Is winter your favorite season? Is snow your go to when you want to feel invigorated and hit the slopes? This shower curtain is meant for you to get ready to hit the slopes. Perfect for you city home or your country home or to perk up your bathroom seasonally. This shower curtain welcomes all winter activities and is a perfect complement to your holidays!”

Add A Creative, Designer Touch To Your Bathroom & Beyond 

The team at Sarah James Jazz Merch also encourages you to play with your new shower curtain, including Winter Snow Scene With Poetry, and see how it can also double as a wall hanging, room divider, and more. 

One thing is for sure, your home will never have been more beautiful than with one of Sarah James’ original photographs in it.

You can buy this new curtain online, or view the other highlights from her decorative shower curtain collection at https://sarahjamesjazzmerch.printify.me/products

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