Organic Google Visibility For Burbank Dentists: Search Box Autofill Marketing

Jun 29, 2024

Up to 80% of potential patients are now using online searches to find your Burbank dental practice. The innovative new autocomplete optimization technology from My Tooth Media will ensure they see your practice first.

An Effective SEO Alternative

It’s no secret that Google visibility is super important for attracting new patients, but advanced SEO services can be very expensive. With autocomplete optimization, My Tooth Media offers a way to dominate page-1 rankings, and it won’t break the bank.

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Autocomplete is the feature on Google and Bing that suggests a list of possible entries when you start typing specific keywords. That’s where the name of your Burbank dental practice could appear, so potential patients see you as soon as they start typing.

The AI-based technology connects your practice with keyword phrases, such as “best family dentist in Burbank, or “endodontist near me.” My Tooth Media will only issue a keyword phrase to one client, so you need to get in quickly to secure the best options.

“Find the best keyword phrases in the dental market, and our unique technology will make the name of your practice appear as a suggested term in autocomplete,” a company representative explained. “When a potential patient chooses your office in autocomplete, they bypass traditional SEO, and you will dominate the entire first page.”

The Importance of Google Visibility

A joint study by Google and Compete found that almost 80% of patients begin their journey with an online search, reflecting the importance of search engine visibility for healthcare providers, including dentists. As a result, many businesses are investing in advanced SEO to improve their organic ranking, with a recent Forbes report stating that the monthly cost of such services can be $4,000 or more.

With the recent introduction of autocomplete optimization, My Tooth Media offers a much more affordable option that can also have better outcomes compared to traditional SEO. The firm has already introduced the system for several other industries, and existing clients are reporting near domination of page-1 search rankings.

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media is currently introducing the new autocomplete optimization technology in select regions across the US. While the technology can work on a local level, the firm states that it is equally effective for businesses who operate nationally or internationally.

“We choose to take as many keyword phrases as we could, because we wanted to own our search market,” one client recently stated. “We’re extremely happy with the results. My Tooth Media delivers exactly what they promise.”

For organic search results that SEO experts could only dream of, send your preferred keywords phrases to My Tooth Media today.

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