Order Visco-Elastic Anti-Decubitus Mattresses From This European Supplier

Feb 7, 2024

If finding the right balance of mattress comfort and support for your healthcare facility is proving tricky, turn to Safe4Care’s ViscoSafe range for breathable, temperature-regulating performance!

Need durable, breathable mattresses with excellent support for your hospital or care home? Want to make your job easier and deliver better care?

For specialist visco-elastic mattresses for the medical sector, choose Safe4Care! More details at http://safe4care.com/Welcome.html

Ready For Anything

The ViscoSafe range is strong enough to cope with the demands of busy hospital and nursing home environments while providing comfort and support to your patients. Combining layers of visco-elastic SAF foam with HR foam layers along with strong handles, these mattresses are made with the medical sector in mind.

A spokesperson says, “The people behind the company have been working with visco-elastic foam for the healthcare sector since the early 1980s, enabling them to benefit from a wealth of know-how, knowledge, and experience.”

Body Heat

SAF foam reacts to body heat, softening and molding to the shape of a patient's body to reduce pressure and provide optimal support. The mattresses also come with a Safe4Care FLEX cover which you can easily remove and wash at 95° C or clean with most common disinfectants. They can also be air-dried or autoclaved.


SAF – or shock absorbing foam – is an anti-decubitus material with an open cell structure that makes it malleable to pressure and temperature. As a visco-elastic foam, SAF products also help regulate temperature and evenly distribute the weight of the body on the mattress's surface. The material also absorbs humidity from the body and promotes healthy circulation.

SAF's open cell structure provides both strength and optimal ventilation for patients who are spending many hours a day in a hospital bed.

Non Toxic

SAF visco-elastic foam is free from CFCs and halogens with no toxic compounds added to the material. This not only improves safety within healthcare settings but also makes disposing of mattresses easier for ward and care home managers like you.

Easy Handling

The average weight of the ViscoSafe mattresses is 60 kg/m3, making it easily manageable for care staff with the handles adding a useful means of shifting the units from bed to bed.

You can purchase SAF overlays from the Safe4Care range with three density levels, each color-coded for easy identification on the ward. The products are available in a variety of thicknesses from 3 cm to 6 cm. The Type 102 model in yellow (color code for the softest layer), for example, is known to be helpful for patients with muscle tension issues, fibromyalgia, and hypermobility conditions.

Sub-standard hospital mattresses? You don't have to take it lying down! Give your patients a better experience with Safe4Care!

For more info, go to http://safe4care.com/About_Safe.html

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