Order Pure 22-Momme Silk Sheets, Duvets, Pillowcases From An Award-Winning Brand

Jun 1, 2024

Mayfairsilk wants to help transform your sleep experience – their premium silk sheet sets are the best way to enjoy luxury while also keeping your skin and hair healthier.

Silk: A Luxurious History

Much like the material itself, the history of silk is richly textured - a story of luxury that dates back to the very cradle of modern civilization. As the story goes, silk fabric was devised by the empress of the Henan province of China around 2500 BC, who was inspired after a silkworm cocoon fell from a tree and unravelled into a single thread before her very eyes. This is likely an example of drama trumping real history, though, as braided silk and crude textiles have been discovered dating back nearly 1000 years prior to this account.

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In the millennia since its invention, silk has miraculously remained relatively unchanged, though new techniques have allowed the quality and purity of the fabric to increase, and, of course, global trade has seen its proliferation as a worldwide luxury staple.

Silk In Your Life

Silk is, of course, an investment, but it is a worthy one. With proper care, silk garments can last a lifetime or longer (See: the 5000-year-old silk excavated across China). Not only that, but it presents a range of health benefits as well, which we will discuss later on in this article.

If you are considering investing in silk for your home, Mayfairsilk is the best source for high-quality, affordable bed sheets. Their products arrive in a wide variety of colours, ensuring that regardless of your tastes, you will be able to find premium silk textiles for your home.

Mayfairsilk Sheet Sets

All Mayfairsilk bed sheets have undergone a rigorous process of quality inspection after being hand-finished and certified by Oeko-Tex, the leading authority on textile quality. Specifically, the sheets are composed of 22- and 25-momme grade 6A silk, which is among the highest quality available for consumer textile products.

These products are machine washable using the delicate cycle, though special drying procedures and product guidelines must be followed to ensure the life of the material. Full care instructions can be found on the Mayfairsilk website, including specific product recommendations for detergents, irons, and more.

Why Choose Silk?

Silk as a material has several key advantages over other options. It is, by its very nature, hypoallergenic and less prone to the absorption of oils and other contaminants, and hostile to irritants like dust mites. The pH of mulberry silk in particular is very similar to that of human skin which, when combined with the temperature-regulating properties of the material, makes it an ideal choice for bedding.

As a naturally produced material, silk is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fibres, and to ensure this is the case, all Mayfairsilk products have been sustainably produced. Even when compared to other sustainable options such as cotton and wool, silk is still the leader in terms of land and water use, offering a low-impact, high-comfort option.

Choose Mayfairsilk

The company was founded in London circa 2011 with the stated goal of making silk and its many benefits - both to the individual and to the environment - more accessible and affordable. Since then, they have brought into the world a wide range of high-grade silk products, placing the focus on quality and sustainability.

A spokesperson explained, “Our vision was to weave the elegance and allure of European designs with the natural splendour of silk, offering an unparalleled sleep experience that transcends the ordinary. Mayfairsilk is more than just exquisite bedding; it is a celebration of self-care and your well-deserved indulgence in better sleep.”

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