Order Custom Pickleball Paddles, Covers & Bags for a Unique Personalized Gift

Aug 1, 2023

Want to personalize pickleball gear for your company, club, or group? With Tangerine’s new custom pickleball paddle and bag design service, shoppers can now place customized orders and expect fun and colorful pickleball gear — perfect for corporate gifting, employee appreciation, brand awareness, and more.

Finding a unique and personalized gift can be a thoughtful gesture that goes a long way in building lasting relationships. With pickleball's massive rise in popularity, companies have started designing custom pickleball paddles and bags as gifts for employees and corporate clients.

According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association’s 2023 Topline Participation Report, pickleball is currently the fastest-growing sport in America and has maintained this position for three years in a row. As of February 2023, 70,000 pickleball players were members of USA Pickleball, marking a 30% increase in membership from 2022.

Designing your own custom pickleball paddle and bag can be quite the daunting task if you want to create something memorable that represents your brand's identity while also being practical.

That's where Tangerine comes into play. They've launched a custom design service where you can easily design your own pickleball paddles, paddle covers, and bags — all unique to your brand's identity.

Visit here to learn more: https://tangerinepaddle.com/pages/custom-pickleball-paddles-bags

Although there has been a growing interest in professional pickleball, Tangerine believes that there is also great value in the sport as a recreational activity. Their paddles, in particular, were designed so that players of all levels can add quality and color to their game. All paddles feature an elongated face for improved power, a soft grip for added comfort, and are lightweight for improved hand-speed.

Tangerine is also known for their unique canvas pickleball bags that have been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and more. The bags feature a built-in sidecar that can carry up to two paddles. The interior is lined with water-resistant nylon mesh and contains multiple open-topped pouches, a zipper-enclosed pocket, and a water bottle sleeve, which allows users to fit a wide range of equipment and accessories into the bags.

Explore their bags here: https://tangerinepaddle.com/collections/canvas-paddle-tote-bags

To create a custom-printed paddle or bag, interested parties can send Tangerine their preferred Pantone colors, along with any pre-existing designs that they would like added to the gear.

With the latest announcement, Tangerine remains passionate about helping their customers enjoy all the fun that pickleball has to offer. “We created Tangerine because we love spending time outside playing pickleball with friends and looking good doing it,” says co-founder Carly Llewellyn. “We knew that there are others who love pickleball for the same reasons, so we wanted to create a brand and products that reflect that spirit of fun, camaraderie, and friendly competition.”

If you're a company, club, or group that's looking for custom pickleball gear, just send your ideas to Tangerine using the link below and they’ll handle the rest. It’s really that simple!

Visit https://tangerinepaddle.com/pages/custom-pickleball-paddles-bags to get started!

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