Oracle & LinkDaddy Team Up To Provide Cloud Authority Backlinks: Improve SERP

Jun 22, 2024

Get your brand noticed, without all the hassle. Oracle & LinkDaddy have the content creation services you need to get noticed, and the global cloud hosting to make it easy. All you have to do is pick a focus, and watch your search rankings improve.

Do you ever feel like you're a one-person SEO army fighting against Googlezilla?

Creating great content takes time, and backlinks? Don't even get me started. That's where LinkDaddy comes in, your knight in shining armor, SEO-style. With a little help from a long-list of sidekicks, like Oracle, Amazon Web Services, and more. Check it out for yourself at

They've just teamed up with the mighty Oracle, a company so big they practically invented the cloud (well, not really, but they're a big deal). Together, they're offering a powerful new weapon in your SEO arsenal: custom content creation and high-authority cloud backlinks, delivered as a Done-For-You service!

I Know That's A Mouthful - Let Me Explain

Imagine this: you focus on running your business, and LinkDaddy's crack team of wordsmiths crafts amazing content about your brand. Then, Oracle swoops in and places that content on super trustworthy websites, giving your online presence a superhero landing.

If you want to know more about Oracle, they're the world's second-largest software company, and you can get all the details you need at

Here's the best part: you won't need to spend a fortune on expensive ads or resort to those annoying pop-up things. This strategy is all about organic growth, building trust with potential customers by showcasing your expertise.

It's a lot easier, more cost effective, and more fun than ads - and as an added bonus, I can pretty much guarantee your customers will like it more too. Wouldn't you?

How Custom Content Builds Brand Visibility

So let's say you're in, you've gotten a bunch of custom content about your brand, and it's all over the internet - how does that help your brand?

There are several ways, but let's start with the most basic - it loads up the search engine with potentially high-ranking content, all about your brand.

Do you make the best waffles in Texas? When someone searches "best waffles in Texas," having a bunch of custom content about how that's your waffles will help you to rank higher in the search - you could even be at the top of the list.

Not only does each page talk about your brand, how awesome your waffles (or other products) are, and why you're the best - but they also include links right to your sales pages, to make sure your customers can find you.

High Authority Hosting For High Ranking Content

So what does cloud hosting have to do with it?

Well, just about everything - but this part is a little more abstract, so follow along.

Every time a search engine finds a new website, it assigns it a ranking, and this is known as its domain authority. This domain authority determines which pages will rank on top, and which will be invisible on page 2, 3, or beyond.

However, and this is the trick - by having your content posted on high authority sites, like the ones hosted by Oracle, you can instantly get a boost in your own rankings. Your content is informative, relevant, trustworthy, and posted in a place known for high-quality content, so why not, right?

With a partnership like LinkDaddy and Oracle, it's just easier.

Just one more thing before you go though - How many SEO specialists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

... None, they'll just outsource it to a freelancer and write a 1,500-word blog post about the benefits of high-quality lighting.

You can get your own high-quality posts about whatever it is your brand does, hosted on some of the highest authority websites online, just visit

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