Optimized Google Autofill Phrases For Houston Dentists: Dominate Search Results

Jan 18, 2024

If you run a dentist’s or dental specialist’s practice in the greater Houston area, My Tooth Media offers an innovative way to dominate page-1 Google results: autocomplete optimization.

Forget SEO & Pay-Per-Click

The trouble with SEO and pay-per-click is that everyone now uses them, which drives up the cost and reduces their effectiveness. The unique autocomplete optimization tech from My Tooth Media is much more affordable, and also much more effective.

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When a potential patient begins typing a new search query in the Houston region, autocomplete will suggest the name of your practice. Better yet, the system can also link your practice with other popular search strings, giving you a huge advantage over your competitors.

It’s not just dentists who can benefit, because My Tooth Media’s service is open to orthodontists, endodontists, and other specialists in the field. My Tooth Media is considerably less expensive than SEO and pay-per-click, and each search phrase is available on an exclusive basis.

How Does Autocomplete Work?

When you start entering a new query into Google or Bing, the autocomplete function suggests a list of complete search strings, based on the keywords being typed, previously used searches, and your location. Google states that a significant percentage of searches are now completed using one of autocomplete’s suggestions.

The new technology from My Tooth Media is designed to link your Houston dental practice with the most popular search phrases in the region, and can also make the name of your practice appear as one of those suggestions. By putting your practice in front of potential clients at the earliest stage in the search process, the firm states that it bypasses SEO and pay-per-click methods entirely.

“We put your dental practice in the auto-complete for Google, YouTube and Bing, so your customers see you before anyone else,” a company representative explained. “You will be the sole company listed for the chosen keyword phrase, ensuring exclusivity for your business.”

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media states that its technology is unique in the industry, and existing clients are already reporting near domination of first-page results on Google. While the firm is currently introducing the system to dental practices across the US, it states that the system works equally well for almost any industry, and is also effective for businesses operating at a national or international level.

“This autocomplete optimization program works great, and we’re already seeing the results,” one client recently stated. “When potential customers search for our service in the region, our name appears in the autocomplete, and many people say that this is how they found us.”

Get the kind of Google domination that SEO experts could only dream of. Claim the most popular search phrases before your competitors do.

Check out https://www.mytoothmedia.com/ so you can learn more.

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