Ontario Pet Grooming Tool Company Announces Launch Of Specially Designed Grooming Tool – The Equigroomer

Dec 21, 2016

Ontario-headquartered LUV-A-K9 inc. launched the EquiGroomer pet grooming tool from Ontario. This affordable and popular grooming tool is affordable, safe, and gentle, while effectively removing all traces of loose hair and dander from the coats of horses, dogs, cats and even small animals such as rabbits. It is also available through retailers in participating provinces.

LUV-A-K9 Inc. announced the launch of the new EquiGroomer grooming tool. This versatile canine and equine grooming tool is suitable for use on horses, dogs, cats and rabbits for the removal of shedding fur, dander and dirt.

More information about the new EquiGroomer tool is available at https://equigroomer.ca

Grooming is a vital aspect of an animal’s general health. The natural process of shedding hair accelerates at certain times of the year and the proper grooming of a pet’s coat improves its luster while ensuring the animal’s skin and coat remain healthy. Regular grooming prevents the accumulation of hair in the home, on furniture, and clothing.

The Equigroomer pet grooming tool's fine teeth are designed to prevent damage to the coat or skin and is safe for animals with sensitive skin, even ‘show animals’, whose coat must be perfect! The EquiGroomer is available in a 9-inch unit designed for equine grooming. With superior effectiveness, over other combs or grooming brushes, it gently removes debris and even bot fly eggs.

Commercially sold pet grooming combs, brushes, and tools are often equipped with sharp bristles or clipper blades that cause intense discomfort and damage the coat. The EquiGroomer tool is designed for hair removal at the tip rather than the base and thus avoids nicks, cuts, and unnecessary tugging. Not only is the EquiGroomer a humane alternative to the harshness of a shedding blade, but it has a nice massaging feel that the animals love.

According to a spokesperson for LUV-A-K9 inc., “The popularity of the EquiGroomer pet grooming tool among pet owners is testament to its versatility as a daily grooming tool, as well as a finishing tool for a lustrous coat. The design of their grooming tool ensures that loose hair is held at the tip to minimize pain and ensure pets enjoy the grooming session.”

The versatility of the EquiGroomer pet grooming tool is in both, its applicability to nearly any type of animal coat, and its affordability. The product is manufactured by EquiGroomer in the USA and distributed in Canada exclusively through LUV-A-K9 Inc., a training firm headquartered in Ontario, Canada. The tool can be ordered through the company website and shipped anywhere in Canada. National distributors have been set up through the U.S. corporate office so the product is available worldwide, and interested provincial retailers can contact LUV-A-K9 inc. for opportunities.

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